Aaron McConnell

....Bombers haven't announced his signing yet...but this former All American looks like an excellent find.....He comes via Murphy, our talent seeker in the states....McConnell is a defensive lineman and talks like he's ready to make the team....Someone is going to have to move over if this guy does well in tc....We are definitely going to be tough up the middle in 09... :thup: :rockin:

Tell your team to stop signings all these "good Players'; your team will be too strong for the 7 other teams. They will be 20 and 0.

I have a feeling that your dreams will be "crushed"; be more objective.

Good luck.


good attempt at sarcasm richard...

Richard should do a little homework before spouting off in another teams forum.

If you had to compare McConnell to another player, it would be Cam Wake. The guy is 6'3" - 300lb and can do a back flip from a standing position. No wonder he tore up the Arena Leagues sack records.

...Maybe we should go over to the Als. forum and start some crappin over there...then again .....we're bigger than that..."maybe not as big as McConnell'.... We can save our shots for a time when..it counts..till then ...get lost Richard or whoever the hell you are :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ya, McConnell will lead the league in sacks this year with 316. Doug Brown will come in second at 315.

Bomber fans, give us all a break! Your team is in the shtter, and you have a ntbar for a HC! You will be the Detroit Lions of the CFL in 2009!

You can never have to many cheerleaders on your team. He should nicely complement the world champion rope skipper...

Keep it up children, we all know that you will be invisible when the real season starts.

Take a breath Piggy!
I razz Rider fans on the Rider forum just as much(more?) than you guys for the same thing. Believe it or not, every player your team or my team signs, isn't going to be the next "Cam Wake". In fact, the vast majority of these guys will not even be a memory by July 1.
Besides, I took the challenge and did my homework. The guy cannot do a standing backflip at 300 pounds. But he was a cheerleader in college.....

Piggy ! Now your just not playing nice 8)

You know who should walk in to Bauer's office right now and ask for a raise ?

The physiotherapist.....not only is he a part time scout, he will be the busyest guy on that team.

Relax, that was inside joke for my buddy 'on in two'.

Point being, keep your criticisms civil, and intelligent in anothers forum or expect to get Modded.

You get an 'F' on that assignment AR

[url=http://sports.espn.go.com/extra/afl/news/story?id=3463530]http://sports.espn.go.com/extra/afl/new ... id=3463530[/url]

So, which part gets me an "F"?
The part where I am correct he was a cheerleader:

Well, remember that national championship McConnell won? That was actually with Pitt State'scheerleading team. McConnell did double duty all through college, starring on both the football team AND the cheer team.
Or the part where I was correct that he cannot do a standing backflip at 300lbs+?
And though he says he's about 20 pounds removed from his backflip days
And for that matter, this next part makes one doubt he could ever do a standing backflip even at 285.
"I was about 285 at the time," he recalls. "I've done it a few times at practice when Kyle Moore-Brown and the guys razz me about my cheerleading days. I'll take off running and just do a backflip and say, 'Yeah, make fun of me now.'"
op cit.

Seems like a good signing, but these types of pre-camp signings often look great on paper but amount to nothing on the field. So many players come out of the U.S. with gaudy resumes and crash and burn in the CFL. We'll see. I sure don't want that Bomber interior to be dangerous, but it might well be...

...FINALLY....a poster WITHOUT some 'dump on the Bombers agenda' AND ALSO WITH SOME INTEGRITY... :thup: ...good post discipline.....It's true, a lot of players come up here with flags a' flying and horns a blowin' but have little else to give us....We'll soon find out in training camp, if a few of these signings amount to anything.....'Yes, our interior is going to be tough....even without this latest curiosity...Our opposition better be ready for some tough goin' up the middle...lol :wink: I just wish we were as gifted in other areas... :roll:

You get an 'F' because 300 - 285 is not 20 :wink:

Tough crowd... :wink: :lol:

Mos def, I don't want to dump on the Bombers. A competitive Bombers team is good for the whole league and that goes for all 8 teams. Also, the east has got to start representing better, yo. It's sad when only one team is a legitimate contender and the other three are below .500.

'Yes, our interior is going to be tough....even without this latest curiosity...Our opposition better be ready for some tough goin' up the middle...
Brown is a horse, no question, and regardless of who's lining up beside him. That being said, my feeling is that he will miss Haywood a bit more than most people think. Unlike this new guy is up to the challenge, Brown will get the double-team every down, which puts a lot of pass-rush responsibility on the shoulders of Walls and Williams. Can they handle it? Blessed if I know, but I am seriously hoping NOT... :lol: :twisted:

Aaron Mconnell looks like a huge signing.. looks like he has a legit chance to start to...

Williams could be another Nate Davis, so this is good insurance..

BUT, like others have said, everyone looks like they have an impressive resume (those worth talking about at least) which is why they are brought up in the forums, lets see if he can translate that into a good CFL career.