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Wouldn't it be great if we could cut the Canadian content and start most of these guys on offence!! watch the best and most exciting players on offence. If we went down to 10 Canadians it would give teams a lot more flexibility and the fans a little more entertainment and still keep the Canadian content people happy

Eliminate the import rule - tick - Eliminate the import rule - tick - Eliminate the import rule - tick - Eliminate the import rule - tick - Eliminate the import rule - tick - Eliminate the import rule - tick - Eliminate the import rule - tick - Eliminate the import rule - tick - Eliminate the import rule - tick - Eliminate the import rule - tick - Eliminate the import rule - tick - Eliminate the import rule - tick - ...

Time to pick up the needle, guy.

I for one would miss the Canadian content if they eliminated or reduced the NI requirement. Currently, the number of NI starters is just high enough to require teams to start at least one NI at either receiver or in the secondary, and that's if they load up the lines with their NIs. Most teams start (at least) one NI receiver and one NI DB. Reduce the number of NI starters by one, and you can say good-bye to Canadian receivers. Reduce it by two, and there goes the NI DB. Meaning the only Canadians left in the game would be on the lines.

Thanks, but no thanks. I like that there are Canadian players in the game playing the "skill positions". (And yes, I know playing the lines takes skill as well. You know what I mean.)

No it wouldn't be great. We get it. You don't like the rule, but get over it already. You're starting to sound as obsessed as some of the player/poster bashers around here.

CatsFan, don't try to cloud the issue with facts. That never works around here. Stats only work when they are used to show how bad someone is. You are not allowed to defend players on this site unless they are the starting QB (whether he deserves it or not). Get it straight (sorry to be so tough on you, but you've been here long enough that you should know this by now :lol: )

Right on!
It makes no sense to force teams to fill the roster with less-talented players just because they meet some arbitrary non-import residency requirement. Let the best players play - no free passes.


Yup, too right. I never learn, does I?

Oh, and I gather you're also allowed to defend the third string QB. Although stats don't really help there, except to point out flaws in the first and second strings.

I would say "promote" the 3rd string rather than defend, but you get the general idea. :lol:

For those hating on McDaniel, he was still our leading receiver on Saturday and already has more yards than Arland. Production!

See Banshee's comments above re: facts, stats, and defending players.

only because of Injury ... Bruce and Mann Kelly all out..


Just imagine how many more yards he'd have if he cut out the drops or even cut the drops in half - might have even won his old job back. But, you know, reality , not fantasy ,rule the day...

I don't remember him dropping many passes on Saturday. There was one that was thrown into the ground, one where the entire crowd wanted pass interference, and one on the deep ball by Porter where it would have been tough for anyone in the league to hang on to. 600 yards in his first season, 1000 in his second, i'd hate to see what he could do in his 3rd year :expressionless:

If you're happy with average or mediocre that's all that matters .Dont know how many more chances you'll get to see him though.


marquay= experience.simple

Depending on which half of the two catchable passes he missed he had caught instead, he could have had either 11 or 37 more yards. Nice!

He had four catches, five incompletions, and one PI call. Of the five incompletions, one was almost a pick before it got to him, one was tipped well away from him, two were in the ground about six feet from him (he barely got his hands on them both, but couldn't quite hang on), and the bomb thrown over his outside shoulder instead of inside where he was looking.

But that doesn't matter, does it? He's a lousy player because he keeps dropping passes. :roll:

Never once said he was "lousy". He is an average to mediocre receiver. The reasons for his new role as a backup and not a starter are clear and perfectly understandable.

The reason MM is not starting is because they are trying to get a receiver in that has ,not only a height advantage,but a jump advantage. They may feel that has reached his potential. MM is an excellent possession receiver. But not as speedy as some of the others. :wink:

Nice story if it were true.

Neither MB or Obie said a word about MM's speed or size - it was all about consistency and drops. In reality MM was reported to be one of , if not the fastest player on the team (which is why he took back punts and kicks) True about the team wanting size but neither Kelly or Grant were brought in for speed.

I, for one, like seeing the Canadian players on the field playing in our league. Therefore, I like the import rule just as it is, except it would be nice to see a Canuck in a starting quarterbacking role.

For those who like to watch mostly Americans play football with a few Canadians added in, there’s always the NFL.

My league is the CANADIAN Football League.

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