Aaron Hunt's view...

Surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Drew posted on the Scratching Post that Aaron Hunt tweeted what he's been told is the problem with the Ticats (and the Argos).

There were also some interesting Tweets from former B.C. defensive lineman Aaron Hunt (@ahunt90) regarding the Ticats and the Argos.
Ok this season started with so much hype about the Argos and TiCats topping the East! So far it's been avg at best! Why do U think?

The #Players don't feel asif they can't talk with their coaches about things thatcould help!Which is never good on any team! Hope this helps

Well the TiCats coaches don't seem to understand that u can't beat a team up in practice! That's y they can't finish in the 4th qt!Too tired

As4the Agos, it's hardto win games when u don't prepare on D!U can't just watch film on a team!U have to have a scout to run that team plays

Once again, I haven't been to either of the practices! I'm going off of what the #players tell me! So don't be mad at me! #therealcflinsider

How legit are his observations? I reported in training camp that players were adjusting to new head coach George Cortez's old school ways, which included a slew of gruelling two-a-days. The team does practice slightly longer than they did under old head coach Marcel Bellefeuille but they also do more non-contact walk through work.

I don't doubt that Hunt has heard complaints from his friends on the Ticats but then again, you rarely hear complaints from players that they should practice more and the coaches should listen to them less.

Think there's anything to this?

I would think that the opposite is true. When I played amateur sports we always had a better team when we had a tough coach who pushed us at practice. We were always better fit and prepared for the game. I don't see players that work hard like Avon Cobourne suffer at all during game time.

First Darren Gill, now Aaron Hunt. This stuff is obviously true. Gill is a player agent, and Aaron Hunt was a player in this league for many years so obviously has a lot of friends within the CFL. If Gill has some kind of grudge against the team, then fine. But I doubt Hunt as any incentive to say these things.

And you could say that all players want shorter practices and want to be heard by the coaches, but clearly it's gotten to a point where they're telling people around the league about how bad things are.

If you're going to make the players work hard by having more two-a-days than normal through training camp, more padded practices, longer practices, etc. Then the results better show.

It probably hasnt been discussed cause it's stuff we already know and whatever Aaron Hunt has to say shouldn't even be debated. This team has coaching problems. Fact. Drew Edwards can try to hide it all he wants and Rick Zamperin can hide it too, and it's disappointing because these are two very good reporters that just seem to rather kiss this team's ass rather than ask the tough questions or discuss a topic without giving the team/coaches so much benefit of the doubt. These are two guys I love reading from or listening to but now whenever a controversial topic comes up their answers just get on my nerves.

Of course players will gripe and grumble when their team is struggling.

They're not gonna blame themselves, are they?

What do you expect really?

Disagree. You actually expect reporters to ask tough questions which may jeopardize the relationships that they've built with the team? You actually think that if they pi$$ off Cortez or whoever, that anyone on the team will talk to them again, thus making it impossible for them to do what they're paid to do? Naive to believe that will ever happen.

So, you already knew that players were griping to Aaron Hunt about practising too much? Don't think so.

Personally, as I posted in another thread, I don't think our team's problems arise from practising TOO much, lol. Also, if what Hunt says is true, isn't it almost the same as calling the players soft? And wouldn't they be accustomed to it by this point into the season?

The team already struggles to sell tickets, good luck doing it after the Hamilton Spectator and CHML stops covering them. The players and coaches don't really have a choice but to talk to media outlets. Besides, inquiring about problems within the locker room after two outside sources have claimed that problems exist, is pretty reasonable in my opinion.

I think you misunderstand. Why would the Spec or CHML stop covering the team & what does this have to do with selling tickets?

And the players most certainly DO have a choice to talk to the media or not. They also have been choosing to regurgitate the same old stock answers. The point is, reporters who are paid to cover the team are not going to alienate their sources because some fan thinks they should be asking "tough questions". If you do actually read Drew's blog, he has said repeatedly over the years that maintaining his rapport with the players & coaches is crucial. A reporter is not going to jeopardize his job, & anyone who thinks they will is just not very bright. Would you knowingly jeopardize your income, your mortgage, your family's future?

8) According to the article in the Spec this morning, Rey Williams discounts Hunt's claims.
   Williams says that this years training camp was one of the toughest he has endured in his 9 year career, but
    not much different from the other CFL and NFL teams that he has played on !!

    Henry Burris says that Cortez's practices are similar to the ones run by Wally Buono, and John Hufnagel.

    Burris stressed that with this young team, more teaching is going on, than you would have with a veteran team.

     Burris added, "What we are doing here is needed"  !!!

      Williams added that players are just supposed to play, not give advice to the coaches, because we are not paid to
      coach  !!!
8) As an add on to my above post, Rey Williams also stated , "Hunt seems to know a lot for somebody that's not here" !!

I have never liked Hunt, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some truth to this. Kind of a jerk to post something on the internet that was told to him in confidence, but usually where there is smoke there is fire.

Maybe it wasn’t Rey who said it, but someone probably did. There are several former BC Lions on this team who played with Hunt. What are the current Ticats really going to say about the man who controls their playing time?

The impression that I got from your initial post (and the following one) is that reporters (such as Drew Edwards and Rick Zamperin) shouldn't ask tough questions because the coaches and/or players might become irritated and refuse to answer to those reporters ever again.

What I'm saying is that if that were to happen, the Hamilton Spectator and CHML would stop covering the team (How do you report on a team whose coaches and players refuse to speak to reporters?). Thus, with less local media coverage, ticket sales would obviously drop.

Most professional leagues fine players when they skip out on a media session in which they were requested to be interviewed. Why do you think they do that?

Besides, asking about locker room problems is not a question that should be irritating anyone to the point where they alienate themselves from reporters. In my opinion, anyway, there are much tougher questions to be asked.

Aaron, nor his brother Mike, are even in the league.

Hard to understand. In one post he says they practice to hard, in another they just watch film. Can't be both :?

What’s up with Bob Young ? Haven’t seen him post in a lonnnng time. Didn’t even comment on the stadium unvailing. Strange…

The comment about practicing too hard was about the Cats; the one about only watching film was about the Argos.

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It's not that I think they shouldn't do it, just that I doubt that any reporter is going to risk their access to the team to do it. It shouldn't be irritating, but I bet it is. A reporter who's not welcome is only going to get 1 word answers from a player or coach.