Aaron Hunt

According to TSN,the Als have signed Aaron Hunt to a 2 year contract. If so,not my prefeered signature or expectation.

Jim Popp and the coaches know better than me what they do.


Yeah, I'm with you, Richard. I'm lukewarm about this signing, but I have to think that with all the import tackles we've assembled, Hunt will have to earn his position in training camp just like everyone else. In any case, as you said, Popp and the coaches know what they're about. They've built a winning team, and have earned the right to do things their own way, even if outsiders like me don't always agree with their moves.

I like it. We were short on Dt, now we are set. We have all of our guys for spring camp to start learning our new defense.

Being more objective-talking about me- the addition of Hunt is a major improvement to the defensive line; we must not forget that he was a CFL All-Star. We are definitely set on defense; there will be fierce competition at training camp and we will be much better than last year. The signings of Davis and Hunt along with returns,from injuries, of Brown,Anderson,Boulay and Emry make us much/much better. I hope that 5 imports will dress on the defensive line and 4 as linebackers; we could play 4- 3 or 3-4. The return of Bourke,from injury,enables us to exclude/not dress an OL import,thus addiing 1 more import linebacker; would also improve our special teams.

Now I may be subjective, but I definitely believe that we will be the team to beat,in the East. We were number 1 on offense and all our players return; while Watkins retired he was a non factor in 2011. Hamilton should be our main competition but they will have an average offensive line. Burris will be hurried all season. Winnipeg has not improved and,unfortunately, Toronto has lost too many All-Star players to be considered as a good team. No good for the League.


Agree with you on this one. Was concerned about the D line given the loss of Wilson and Stewart. Will make for an intersting trainig camp.

Yeah, the more linebackers we dress, the better we’ll be on special teams, for sure. As for Hunt, I like him, but again, I hope he’s not being guaranteed a spot before TC starts.

I’ll say this: it sure is nice to sign a guy who posted seven sacks from the tackle position last season! After years of Wilson and his “0 sacks, 0/1 tackles” stats line game after game, I’m looking forward to our DTs generating some pressure up the middle, rather than being pure gap-control bodies against the run. I haven’t felt this good about our defensive line since Keron Williams was an Alouette.

A DT tackles prime is 30 to 34 and he was a league allstar last year. He's no slouch. If Jim gave him an offer its because he feels he is going to be a piece of what we do.

Popp said on CJAD after the Davis signing that he was done and he would be signing couple of backups here and there!! Give the man credit, he's got his poker face on 24/7! :rockin:

Popp's a pro, he'll say the same thing every year but then ninja-stealth his way into a fairly big signing. :wink: I think the thing with him is that he always has very specific needs on the free-agent market. He doesn't panic and sign guys for the hell of it. Clearly, this offseason, defense is a priority (as it should be), particularly the defensive line, which hasn't been a position of strength for us recently.

If you read Hunt`s tweets he appears to be a popular teammate (congratulations from Geroy and Lulay), a fun guy, and highly regarded as a d-lineman by Rob Murphy no less.

Jim Popp has quietly done it again.

Eric Wilson:

2011: 12 tackles, 1 sack
2010: 12 tackles, 2 sacks
2009: 13 tackles, 1 sack
2008: 12 tackles, 1 sack

Aaron Hunt:

2011: 29 tackles, 7 sacks

I can't find Hunt's past years, because cfl.ca is retarded (he doesn't appear on BC's roster, or ours, or the horrible free-agent section which lists players from years and years ago as well as actual free agents still playing the game). But man, the stats don't lie. He is a significant improvement on Wilson. I'll take back my earlier reservations. Looking forward to camp! :slight_smile:

I found this article below D&P......

[url=http://www.proplayers.ca/players/Player-Details/?ID=2395&return=%2Fplayers%2F%3FView%3DLastName%26Data%3Dh]http://www.proplayers.ca/players/Player ... 26Data%3Dh[/url]

Thanks, backer, but unless I'm going blind in my old age, I can't find his stats on that page either.

Maybe this link will help more D&P;

[url=http://en.ca.msn.stats.com/cfl/playerstats.asp?id=184719]http://en.ca.msn.stats.com/cfl/playerst ... ?id=184719[/url]

Thanks for that, backer. He's been pretty steady over the past few years, except for 2010, when he only played 6 games (but still finished with more tackles than Eric Wilson in one full 18-game season).

I see that he is LB Reggie Hunt`s brother. Hopefully he does a little better with the Als than his brother.

Je demeure un peu dubitatif au sujet de Hunt, Il constitue sur papier une amélioration par rapport à Wilson, mais peut-être plus par rapport à McElveen ou Bekasiak. Tantôt Hunt est le héros du jour, tantôt il est invisible. C'est passablement l'impression qu'Il m'a laissé ces 3 dernières années.

L'an dernier, l'histoire de la défensive des Lions était celle de Williams, Mitchell et d'Elimimian. C'est à côté de ces gars-là qu'il a accumulé ces statistiques. Sera-t-il aussi bien entouré chez nous pour qu'il soit assez motivé pour cumuler de genre de statistiques?

Lorsque je regarde la défgensive qui semble se dessiner, pour l'instant, je vois ceci :

Tertiaire : Anderson, Parker, Brown, Boulay, Williams. Boulay et Williams me semblent être les plus susceptibles de se faire supplanter.

Secondaire : Cox, Davis, Emry/Brouillette. Nous avons de la profondeur à cette position avec Guzman et Ferri. C'est une ligne où la rotation des joueurs sera intéressante,

Ligne défensive : le seul que je vois coulé dans le béton ici est Bowman. Hunt ou pas, pour les autres, c'est clair qu'il faudra que les partants gagnent leur poste. Bekasiak et Lucas ont l'avantage d'être canadiens, ce qui joue sur le ratio. Hopkins et Hunt sont de sérieux candidats pour remplir le milieu de la ligne. Reste l'autre aile, où la bagarre va se faire entre les nobles inconnus Akra, Bryan, Hodgson, Lemmons et Montgomery et les visages connus Ihekwoaba et Jones.

Manifestement, c'est à la ligne que sera la clé de la défensive cette année. Si la sauce prend (et que notre tertiaire reste en santé), on devrait avoir une défensive qui sera très compétitive.

Hunt was an all-star last season. That doesn't happen accidentally. Sure, the Lions had a great defensive line, but any good tackle will benefit from strong play across the whole line. I don't see what Elimimian has to do with anything. If Chip Cox has a great season, does that take away from John Bowman?

You guys wanted changes on the Dline. You got hit now your worried LOL !

Really it is all good. We had to get younger. Anwar was 36 Eric was 34, they will be replaced by guys 30 and 24. We just knocked off 16 years off our starting roster. We will have two of 24 starters older than 30 and they are two HOF in Flory and Calvillo. Jim has managed to rebuild the roster without a drop in the standings. In the last 3 years we replaced Cahoon,Cobourne,Stewart,Chiu,Wilson,Sanchez, that's not easy. The league's fan base thinks the Als are old when in fact they are the youngest team in the league.

We will make some mistakes and there will be some growing pains but we will be Big, Athletic and aggressive. The rest of the division will have no idea whatsoever what we will be throwing at them on defense that will make Toronto and Hamilton's job much more difficult building new offenses and having no film to work with to prepare.