Aaron Hunt Gets Released

Can't see how this is supposed to help Montreal. I'd love to see Hunt come to Toronto, but I don't think he's a Chris Jones type of player - - ie. one that can line up at four different positions all over the field, doing everything except what you do best.

Hamilton might be where he ends up, especially with their struggles on the DLine and Obie's familiarity with him.

I'd love to hear from the Al's fans on this one, and I am envious of the the team who picks him up only because we don't need help on the defensive line in Edmonton.

For the good of the league I would love to see the best of Calvillo playing without so much more pressure than in years given the awful rest of Montreal's team.

Believe me it's tough to pick them to win this weekend and only because Toronto somehow manages to be so inconsistent and sloppy all-around.

Hunt was released because he wasn’t producing. Simple. Trestman said that it had nothing to do with character or anything else. When you bring in a veteran defensive tackle at $100k per year, you expect him to do more than register four tackles and zero sacks through the first four games of the season. Ventrell Jenkins, a younger, cheaper player, has been more effective at DT so far. After the debacle in Hamilton, everyone knew there were going to be changes. I like Hunt, but this isn’t a surprising move to Als fans. Our pass rush needs to get better, in a hurry.

Younger, cheaper seems to be the theme in Montreal & Winnipeg this year, while TO and Ham have gone the other way, should be an interesting season.

I think Montreal jumped the gun with Aaron but he missed spring camp, he showed up to camp fat, he didn't produce and the team's defense is the worst I've seen since they've been back in 97. I think if Aaron is to prolong his career he will have to work harder on his conditionning. He seems like a great guy. Hope it works out for him.

Als still have Davis and Hebert who are not necessarily on the "cheap".

Wow, that is a surprising move. Perhaps this is the start of a Montreal rebuild. If the price is right maybe Riders might look into it?

To replace whom? Terrerius George or Keith Shologan? Or their prospect for the future, Veikune? I’m not sure Hunt would be an upgrade there. The money would be better spent on a shut-down corner IMHO.

Shame he’s out of a job, though. He’s been a stalwart for a while.

Well, it's actually a patch job on an existing rebuild. The defense underwent radical surgery in the offseason: new coordinator, new alignment, many veterans released and new players brought in. Let's hope Hunt's release is the start of a rebound for the defense.