Aaron Hunt appreciation thread

Aaron Hunt has torn up the league this year in his first ever CFL season for the BC Lions. I personally would like to thank Reggie Hunt for referring his brother to the CFL. This guy is a star, and I hope the Lions keep him for a long time.

Hunt has been outstanding. The front 4 of the Lions D have been awesome. The thing about the front 4 is that they can normally get pressure on the QB all by themselves. Hunt has been a great addition

Lionbacker, do you think we'll be able to sign Hunt long term? I know Wally loves him, as do most BC fans. I read an article in The Province that says he would like to spend his career in BC. Very promising to say the least.

Aaron Hunt has been simply amazing for us. He should win rookie of the year. We have to sign this kid - not only is he solid, but he loves playing in BC.

i remember the riders were trying to get his rights before this season, but BC basically said, He is ours!" lol

Well, I'd like to see the bro's united... just not in BC.. :stuck_out_tongue: I think they are both very talents... just wondering what they could play TOGETHER like... that'd be a formidable D

Come to BC, Reggie!!


Reggie wouldnt leave Regina! He is like settled now and stuff. He lives year round in Regina.

Just like MaCcalum, right?

we like Reggie not Paul :stuck_out_tongue: LMAO

Yeah, we like Paul too...he's doing his job here, and is treated well...unlike what happened to him in Regina.

Hmmm, maybe that's why Claremont is playing in BC...

the reason Jason CLermont is playing in BC is because dude is white...

Huh??? Who is "Dude"?

(Try to be a little more gramatically correct, please).

That made absolutely no sense. Are you implying that the only reason Jason Clermont is playing for the BC Lions is because he is white? That statement makes absolutely no sense...

Clermont is playing in BC because he loves the city, the team, and the fans.

...Clermont is playing in BC because he has a contract to play in BC....

Why does he have a contract in BC? Obviously it's because the Lions forced him to sign here against his will. :roll:

...you and I debated this last year....a player will play anywhere he can get signed.......everything else about where he signs is secondary....case in point, Barron Simpson.........

Your logic is horribly flawed. What about players who are offered more money elsewhere but elect to re-sign with their teams?

You wanna play this game? Case in point, Jason Clermont. He could've made more money elsewhere. Case in point, Damon Allen. Case in point, I could go on and on. Your logic is way off base man. Yes, some players do sign for money and money alone. Others sign because of an opportunity to play. Barrin Simpson was unhappy about the way he was being utilized in BC, he was not unhappy with his salary.

....so why isn't David Braley asking all his players to play for free then?....but hey, don't get me wrong here, I think (parts of) Vancouver and the Lower Mainland are awesome, it can be a great place to live....like all places it has it's drawbacks too, but this isn't about that discussion....I just find it funny that you have this notion that 'the fans' or 'the weather' somehow contractually bind a guy to playing somewhere.....

....btw who was bidding for Clermont when he was available?....how'd we miss out on that talk?....as for DA, cripes, he's played for just about everyone....

PS....why is this thread even here?....why isn't it in the BC forum?...