Aaron Fairooz

We signed Aaron Fairooz, according to Ken Miller's Twitter page.

Apprently not a huge speedster, but tall with sure hands, supposedly doesn't drop a whole lot and and pick the ball under pressure in traffic.

[url=http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/2007/draft/players/42641.html]http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/footba ... 42641.html[/url]

Highlight reels:


After seeing the highlights, I have to say - even though he is a bit slow, he is good at getting out of coverage and blowing off corners. Good hands, a bit sloppy on routes - might get better with a larger field to run on, but a solid receiver overall. Good pick.

Sorta sounds like Andy Fantuz :lol: Fantuz and Fairooz

Just so long as it doesn't result in dumb jokes, like "Darian Durant goes to A-A", or confusing them "Andy Fairooz and Aaron Fantuz"......not likely..... :smiley:

He's definitely good, and wish we could've kept him in Hamilton but Obie seem's hell bent on having speed demon receiver's.Oh well :expressionless:

This guy looked like a lock to make the Bombers back in 07 or 08, until he played. Got beat out for a spot on the roster by Kerry Johnson........who is no longer in the league. I wouldn't get too excited.

Well, since the Bombers havn't won a cup since the invention of the internet, cell phones and even long term weather forcasts, I would think using their organization as a barometer for judging talent would lead to, well, a few decades of futility. Doing the opposite of anything the Bombers do would seem to be a logical course of action in building a winner.

Let's keep it that way :wink: :thup:

......Taaaaall drink of water with pins for legs.....good hands though....Couldn't stick with the power house hammer of 09 :lol: ...Good Luck with the t.c. fodder..

k then explaining signing fairooz who couldnt crack our roster when he was here? explain signing bates and goodspeed and simpson and all these former bomber players who umm COULDNT GET THE JOB DONE when they were here?

ill give u rider fans credit, you're very pro riders and thats cool, wish more teams fans were actually like that but to knock the bombers when basically 80 percent of your off season signings have been former bomber players is a little much.

not to mention taman our former gm, berry our former coach and dyce (he's a good one tho) but all these guys were former bombers... like seriously, i like the passion riders fans show for their team but at the same time, u guys sure are ignorant when it comes to certain aspects for sure. maybe 1 guy talking garbage shouldnt be taken as all rider fans but jesus for the love of god, im fo serial here, like... whats up with that?

when they are bombers, they all suck.... but they become riders they suddenly become better? i dont think so.

Well, to be fair, you guys did/said the same thing re: January, Bowman, Johnson, LaPo, Reed, Jyles, Baressi…

As for a TC fodder receiver, no one here’s getting all that stoked. Given ourt receiving corps, someone would have to blow some doors off to even warrant an invite to the main camp.

well technically the bombers had lapolice first along time ago so uhh yeah :stuck_out_tongue: and jovon never played a game for the riders.. i understand what u are saying but like january bowman johnson all under 30.. simpson goodspeed,bates... all over 30. i dunno, whatever lol. good luck to the riders. hey man honestly in a perfect world, it would be bombers vs riders in every grey cup.

What makes you think Johnson never played for the Riders? Because that's wrong.

As for the rest, I wouldn't trade the Riders roster for Winnipeg's, although I'm guessing you would....

Are we talking about Jovon or James? I don't recall Jovon being here. If he was, why did we let him get away?

Regarding training camp fodder, I'm not so sure that's the case. It seems to me like the Riders are determined to have a tall, lanky, big target, big play receiver. Is Fairooz being brought in to push PR? If nothing else this guy should be able to stretch a defense! It may be an interesting TC watching these two battle for the same spot on the roster.

We all knew James played. Jovon played about 5 games in 2007 while someone else was injured. I think he left as a free agent after 2007 as his odds of starting, at that time, were not great.

Funny! I forgot all about that. http://www.answers.com/jovon+johnson?gw … 1&method=3

I remember back in 2007 the Riders signed a few players from Hamilton who finished dead last (Kornegay, Flick, traded for Corey Holmes in the middle of the season, and believe there was others). I was shaking my head at these signings, but these players turned out to help them go to the Grey Cup that year and win. Just because the team didnt fair well does not mean that they have a team full of losers. I believe Taman consistantly did the best he could with the resources he had in Winnipeg. The fans ran Doug Berry out of town despite leading the Bombers to a Grey Cup appearance in 07, and probably would have faired better if Glenn would not have gotten hurt.
Taman has inherited a really good team with alot of depth. This makes his job a heck of alot easier, having only to fill a few holes.
The Riders will be a force again this year.

If I recall correctly the Riders traded Holmes and Scott Gordon along with a draft pick for Hamilton's first overall pick in the Ottawa dispersal draft in 2006. They wanted KJ and with their other first round pick I believe they selected Jason Armstead. My memory isn't what it used to be so correct me if I'm wrong.

naah man, u guys got it wrong. the fans didnt run berry out of town, sorry but last time i checked its not the fans who do the firing of coaches, its the management, bauer wanted him gone so he went and why because quite honestly the team was a joke, they werent playing for the guy anymore. he would ride around practices in a golf cart and do nothing while marshall ran the practise and im guessing his run in with mr westwood didnt help his cause... its like mike kelly, really when its all said and done, berry,kelly, every coach who has been fired ever has noone to blame except themselves. trust me when i say that what the fans say dont really matter, your always gonna have that vocal minority who will want the guy gone after 1 or 2 loss's in a row but honestly those "fans" exist in every city and to think otherwise is bullcrap.

I hear ya.After all, Ticat fans ran Printers and Maas outta town :wink:
Maas still sucks though so that's justified.