Aaron Fairooz - Next big thing?

At 6'6 Aaron Fairooz is a big target.

He is appears to have some jets too.


Apparently he tried out for the Bombers last year. Why didn't make the squad?

the guy is a beast. I don't see how he didn't make the cut.. perhaps he was having some difficulty transferring from little league to big league.

The video shows how small the fields he was playing on were.. perhaps he had some difficulty keeping up on a much larger field.

Either way, I'm glad we got him. He has a lot of potential. Kind of reminds me of Getzlaf right now. Rob Bagg, even.

ill tell you why not... cuz he cant catch.. its that simple. the dude couldnt catch a ball in game time, was great during practise but when the games (pre-season) got started, dude dropped everything, looked lost and terrible.

if he has learned to catch, he might be good and he was actually with the bombers not last season but berry and tamans last season with the blue bombers so 2008.

one preseason game in the starting rotation in 08, had the ball thrown his way 2wice i believe, one memorable drop.. he looked okay in prac, i wouldnt say great. considering the guys that beat him onto the roster ..... who knows, we had good depth there heading into the season. maybe he has worked on his hands. with his frame he could definately be effective in certain situations

I don't understand this signing, he wasn't good enough for Berry in '08, despite both Stegall and Armstrong playing on one leg each, yet he gets another look with the Riders ?

When did the receiving position become such an issue with the Riders that they have to look at this guy ?

Our defenders need someone to practice tackling.

looks like i'm the only person that likes this dude haha

Roger! Good to see you. Excuse me while I check out your video.

Whose this that says he can't catch? That video shows him snagging balls beyond his reach, while running full speed towards a wall in coverage.

made he's just not used to the ball size difference? (there is a sizeable difference in the ball between AFL and CFL right? -do they just use the NFL regulation size?)

He was with the Bombers in '08 at their TC and got cut, came to the Ticats TC in '09 and got cut, and now has signed with the Riders.I personally have had the displeasure of watching this guy in Drews TC videos and the TC I attended personally.Extremely inconsistent, can sometimes catch the hard ones but rarely catches the easy ones.Waste of a TC roster spot tbh.

shocking isnt it, that the highlight youtube videos wouldnt show him dropping balls. weird how that is.. seriously have u ever seen a youtube video on some dude where he actually craps the bed? nope u dont.

dude cant catch, thats why he was cut twice.

Well Killer, that is not my point. My point is that he can make really difficult catches.

How many Milt Stegall highlight reels have you seen where they show him dropping balls? None. That don't mean he don't drop them.

Interesting insight by "15_championships" who said, "can sometimes catch the hard ones but rarely catches the easy ones". That sheds a little more light on the topic than simply saying he can't catch and then watching a bunch of clips of him catching difficult throws.

Hey, i'm not trying to be mean or anything at all.Rider's are hands down my second favourite team in the CFL.I'm just saving you a little disappointment as is Killer because we've both seen his vid's and got overexcited just to see him be the biggest flop of all time.Not like you guy's need him anyways, you've got one of the top WR corps in the league.