Aaron Crawford !!

I like this!

Can I buy a vowel?

_ _ r _ n Cr_ wf _ rd

For those that are unaware by the way long snapper Aaron Crawford has resurfaced and was just added to our PR on July 14th along with import DE Jamal Marcus .

AHHH, now I get it.
I was on the wrong track. I thought maybe his sister is Cindy or they named a lake after his family name :slight_smile:

Just a follow up on this but it appears that Crawford has once again gone missing . The most recent updated roster doesn't show Crawford on the PR or anywhere else for that matter .The CFL transaction page shows him being signed on July 14th but doesn't show him being released since then .

Strange , very strange indeed . He has apparently reappeared and then just as fast disappeared into thin air without a trace . ???