Aaron Brooks Released From Raiders. CFL Bound ?

Adam Schefter of NFL Network
Just Reported Raiders QB Aaron Brooks has been Release
This looks like The Making Room for LSU QB JaMarcus Russel


Brook could be a Nice CFL QB
Could he be CFL Bound?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Brooks http://www.nfl.com/players/playerpage/133233

not even close to CFL bound end of thread.

he'll surve as NFL back-up somewhere. maybe even starter in places like Detroit or Cleveland.

it won't be the lions.. Cause they are happy with Jon Kidna

Browns will try get Jake Plummer or QB- Brady Quinn

next ...

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Greg Mohns of the Argos gives Aaron a call to at least discuss the possibility of playing in Toronto.

Aaron Brooks is horrible, he has had so much talent around him everywhere he's been yet couldn't do anything. If a q.b can't get it done with receivers like Joe Horn and Donte Stalworth and Duce Mcalister then he can't get it done anywhere.

notice that these guys couldn't get it done until both Reggie Bush AND Drew Brees came to town.

in Oakland... well they've never been the same since losing to Tampa.... but Randy Moss as been no help for him.

He'd make a decent CFL QB IMO.

I've seen enough of Aaron to know that he is a major problem where ever he goes. I've seen so many Saints games over the years where Brooks will have guys wide open and over throw them, or not see them or what ever and he fumbles a lot and gets sacked a lot, etc etc. It makes the CFL look Bush if teams start tripping over each other to get his rights.