Does anyone have opinions on this new league? It is a spring league that is starting this April. I do not think that it will affect the CFL at all. For anyone who has not heard of it here is their web address.


Chris Leak is one of the QB’s in the league

i’m surprised no NFL or CFL teams have contacted him

he did win a national championship

he was undrafted but then signed by the chicago bears and later released

Ther may be a few players that are still young and may be able to get themselves more "film" and use it as an audition for either the nfl or cfl. The pay won't be enough to entice quality players away from the cfl ($50,000 per season except for marquee players)

It won't fly!

Tay Cody Breach His Deal with Hamilton
To Signed with The Florida Team

Tay cody is over rated anyway

no kidding

With Tee Martin and Kevin Eakin as QBs, this league doesn't look like much to me.

The AAFL may unearth a gem or two, but with qbs like Kevin Eakin (how does that guy find employment in pro football anyway), I doubt the entertainment value will be very good.

Merchandising may be another problem with the team names the league has come up with....

Gil, this may amaze you (it sure amazes me), but if you go the Cats boards, you'll find all kinds of folks who seem to think that Eakin was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Fortunately most of that nonsense died when they signed Printers. Personally, Eakin always reminded me of a deer in the headlights.

Anyway, your point about the team names; what are they? I breezed by the website but saw no teams names assigned....... just things like Team Tennessee etc.

I have seen those posts MadJack..I still recall Eakin throwing an interception against the Argos in a blowout a couple seasons ago & joking with the Argo defense as he left the field.

The team names you saw on the website are the team names...Team Florida, etc etc......imaginative....

Eakin is on Team in Alabama

i think the cfl needs too take on this league in a all-star game i think it would be good for the fans of football

Looks like the CFL is "Safe" from this league for a while! :roll: :roll: :roll:

http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/f ... index.html

Do all those that predict the death of the CFL..... :thdn:

Survived the:
World League

I think it will be simply an aafl league. simply aafl.

I hope the AAFL does well.

well chris leak isnt that good short and arm isnt that strong a wider cfl field hurts his chances at the big league nfl or cfl

AAFL is dead.

Wow, dead before the league even played it's first game. I guess it's better than folding mid-season.

Lets say for a minute that this league actually plays a game... EVER.

Why would the CFL, an established league, play them in an all-star game? That would be giving them undeserved marketing.