Hahahahahahahaaha! Touche :slight_smile:

When he's right, he's right!

These leagues never last more than a couple of years and the cfl players usually wait and see if the cheques are going to bounce or not. I remember even the USFL which had some money to throw around 2 of the leaders in sacks the 1st season were Junior Ah You and Ron Estay both having already retired from the CFL. I remeber the Bombers losing Pete Catan who was a very good defensive end but thats about it.

You forgot the hurricanes in the east
Earthquakes in the west
Tornados in the middle.
Smog on both coasts.....
and never forget
A nice coat will stop the cold.....It wont stop the bullets

Earth Quakes out West???? What are those?

Hey isn't the UFL supposed to start up next Fall as well? Anyone got any news. Last I heard Mark Cuban has bought a franchise.

sandusky, every player in the AAFL gets payed a $100, 000 dollar compensation at the beginning of the season no matter what the position or if you are starter or backup. I am not sure how they will be able to afford these salaries, but CFL players are still elligible to earn much more, just take a look at Casey Printers, Ricky Ray and Milt Stegall, i bet i could name 50 more players who are also earning over $100, 000

It looks like there is alot of work yet to be done before the AAFL kicks off in April. Do the teams have names? Is there a tv deal? I would not be surprised if it does not even last the season...if it even gets off the ground.

There are so many small leagues in the states i dont think one will do that much, Canadian Football is strong, im tired of people thinking our league is going to fail. Be confident in our league, its great as it is stop looking for how its going to fail. go buy some season tickets and shut up!

Yeah he is! Some of the finest rednecks I've ever known were Canucks. Whether they're petty thief thugs from Drayton Valley or prejudiced psychos from Eganville, Canada's can compete with the best!

did see see who Coach of Texas Team is.
It’s John Jenkins

[url=http://www.allamericanfootballleague.com/Texas/featurednews.php]http://www.allamericanfootballleague.co ... ednews.php[/url]

They’ll never run the ball:lol:

I don't.
There is a graveyard full of failed football leagues and this one is fittng itself for a headstone now as it will defenitely be a RIP scenario.

Don't forget they have their grave site picked out. As a matter of fact I was able to find a picture of the graveyard of dead leagues. This is the football league section.

Interesting comment from Jenkins:

"I can tell you this league will immediately be second only to the NFL in talent and quality of play," Jenkins said.

The AAFL schedule will end on July 03...could have an impact on some CFL players who want to cash in on 2 paycheques.

Here's the picture I speak of, Angelfire is kind of carp when it comes to images.


Rednecks from Texas or Rednecks from Alberta?

Hmm... that's a tough one!

You forgot the World League of American Football and NFL Europe

Really, who cares about the AAFL. Whats it got to do with us? I mean there’s a new Elephant Soccer league forming in India. Should we worry about that as well?

And about NFL Europa. It was a complete failure. The NFL failed miserably in trying to get Europe interested in their brand of “football”

Yet the apologists keep talkinga about the NFL’s “globalization” plan? What plan? People outside the USA have seen it, and want no part of it. NFL “globalization” is all talk. But its failed miserably.

The NFL may be the most successful league based on revenue, but as you have said berezin they have made their blunders as well.
NFL Europe with losses into the hundreds+ millions, and apparently their own NFL TV channel which has cost them in excess of $400M, being the amount of money they turned down from TBS as they wanted to show the 8 games that are currently on the NFL channel in the US.
So these mega millionaires do not exactly walk on water.

Although lots of people in LA watch the NFL and not having a team in that market isn't crucial to the ratings, from a perceptual point of view not having a team in that market is just not good business. I give the NFL credit for trying to grow the game in Europe and taking a chance and in the end, losing some big cash. I do. But maybe they would have been better off spending that cash on a new stadium in LA, I don't know. Anaheim is not catering to the NFL's wants which I find interesting but maybe just all part of the negotiation game.