AAFL/XFL Movement

You asked why any player would sign in the CFL when they could sign in the AAF. I said because the CFL will be in business next year, ALLUDING TO THE FACT THE THE AAF PROBABLY WON’T BE IN BUSINESS NEXT YEAR, ESPECIALLY IF THEY PAY GUARANTEED CONTRACTS FOR 3 YEARS TO PLAYERS WHO DON’T MAKE THE TEAM.

The AAF season is over in April. There’s nothing stopping “Top Talent” Boyko from signing in the CFL this year, too, although after only dressing for 1 game over the past 3 seasons, its doubtful he’d make the CFL either.

I suspect Brett Boyko is with San Diego because they held his territorial rights since he was recently on the Chargers roster.

AAF’s Standard Contract is:

Year 1: $70,000 US or $92,265 CAN
Year 2: $80,000 US or $105,446 CAN
Year 3: $100,000 US or $131,807 CAN

AAF’s contracts are not guaranteed. Teams in theory could cut the whole roster every year and end up just having to $70,000 (before incentives) per player. I do suspect however, that a player who was elsewhere in the AAF in Year 1 would get the Year 2 salary even if he changed teams.

Besides signing just for a higher entry-level salary, the AAF has previously stated their intention of a health plan for players and their families. They also mention furthering their player’s education.

Of course everything sounds great as long as the check does not bounce.

Rosters size is 50. Minimum salary is therefore $3.5 million per team because nobody is in their 2nd year yet.

I am fairly certain that the CFL and AAF agreed to respect each other’s contracts. That means no double dipping for players under contract. A player could only play in both leagues during the same year only if they were previously released.

CFL players whose contracts expiring before the 2019 season will be free agents February 12, 2019. AAF’s season begins February 9-10 2019.

People say the AAF and XFL are Spring Leagues even though the majority of their games will be played in the Winter.

Personally if I am the NFL, I would be laughing at the thought of acquiring the AAF or XFL. These guys are essentially competing to give me a free farm system. No way would I even pay a dime because whoever owns these new leagues will probably lose money every year of their existence.

Besides, no football league will ever be true competition to the NFL unless they can match player salaries. That means $180 million US per team.

AAF contracts are non-guaranteed.

The AAF season is over in April. There's nothing stopping "Top Talent" Boyko from signing in the CFL this year, too, although after only dressing for 1 game over the past 3 seasons, its doubtful he'd make the CFL either.
The AAF has no CFL out. Only a NFL out. I hope for Boyko's sake he wouldn't make the CFL because unless he's planning to go back to school or is popular on social media he'll be stuck making double digits in the AAF until year three.

Do you feel capping a paragraph helps or gets ignored?

I referenced drafted players who have never had contracts and base level imports actually…not any contact. In fact…i straight up said I was not talking about vets.

I’ve seen nothing about contracts being open to explore the CFL. NFL…yes

The AAF today demonstrated that they are not standing in the way of players under contract who are trying to get picked up by an NFL team.

Josh Johnson who was recently the first name called in the Protect or Pick QB Draft has signed with the Washington Redskins.

They’ve done nothing but adamantly declare contracts are open to NFL opportunity…not shocking.

Perhaps the CFL does the same in exchange for doing something about 2 year deals. Open to NFL offers in some fashion. Perhaps they can go but if they are released their is an auto option year tacked on to their contract. So after 1 year of a 2 year deal they go south…if they are released they return to finish that year out plus 1

They’re also demonstrating that they officially want to be a minor league, which the American football-hungry public will not accept. This is a classic case of wanting to have your cake and eat it to.

You can’t have it both ways.

It’s still two months til February, but apparently the AAF is having trouble selling tickets, according to twitter and checking their stadium pages. The American subconscious, the crowd that eat and drink wrestling, use social media, etc are waiting for the XFL to see if it will crash and burn and will likely ignore the AAF as a result.

I know it’s only reddit, but the XFL’s reddit page has over x2 more followers than the AAF, which will always still attract a few ardent followers out of the woodwork.

Ya because we hate ALL the minor leagues that are operating down here.

Hate would imply that they care, which most of them don’t.

XFL announces team locations for 2020 season

Los Angeles,
New York,
St. Louis,
Tampa Bay

Is the XFL trying to go 1and out again?

A definition of insanity… yet again.

I wonder if either of the start up leagues would look to either partner or purchase / absorb the CFL.

As an established leauge with 100+ years in business, it might be attractive… sort of a reverse CFL American expansion.

XFL 1.0 made overtures of ownership back in the day, IIRC.

I’d hate to think of what might’ve happened had the league accepted the offer.

It would be interesting for the CFL and a chance to grow the league. Especially if these new leagues pose a threat to the CFL, we may have to partner up.

I’d think it would make for a more palatable sell to Americans as well, instead of a Canadian leauge coming to America, it would be an American leauge coming to them.

Can’t wait to see football played in the open air stadiums in New York (MetLife Stadium) and Washington (Audi Field) in February/March! ??? :o

You wouldn’t be worried that partnering up with such leagues would damage or destroy the CFL when those leagues go out of business (like the XFL 1.0, USFL, NFLE, SFL, SPFL, UFL, FXFL all did).

I was saying more so if these leauges threaten the CFL on their own. In order to survive and have access to the same talent, might have to partner up.

But, even if neither were a threat, it would be interesting for the CFL to explore a partnership. I think it’s the only viable way for the CFL to try expanding again, if they want to. There’s no more Canadian markets after Halifax… maybe QC?

I would support some sort of relationship with one of these leagues if it proved to be a long-term success. But there is reason for skepticism in that regard.

Josh Johnson is the 1st player named in the AAF QB Draft. A week later, he signs with the NFL as a backup. Then, he gets inserted into the game and throws for just under 200 yards and scores 2 TD’s. Next week, he will be the Redskins’ starting quarterback.