AAFL/XFL Movement

2015 #1 overall CLF draft prospect Brett Boyko, drafted by the Lions, has signed with the AAFL.

What motivation is there for a player to sign in the CFL, other than being passed up by the AAFL? Less money in a currency worth 3/4 as much for almost double the games played?

What happens withTevaun Smith will be very interesting to watch.

Moreso than the finacial aspect, in Boyko’s case signing in the AAF allows him the opportunity to play in the NFL in 2019. He couldn`t do that if he signed with BC.

He also can’t make more than 70k or thereabouts if he doesn’t get any NFL interest.

Might not be a problem for Boyko, but for other players signing an AAFL contract amounts to a three year entry level rookie contract.

So where does that leave their star players that are there to stay?

not true…also, that is US currency not Canadian.

And this is a Canadian…a guy who would be paid a premium here. Now compare that to an American. who will make <60k in CDN. Super duper tough call for them to make.

He’s stuck on a three year deal. Without a CFL out, unless he gets offered a NFL contract, he stuck making I believe 70k for the first year, 75k for the second, and 85k for the third.

The top Canadians/veterans in the CFL can make much more than that, even if you adjust for the different currency.

“stuck” in an open contract that he can walk from if the NFL calls. These are also base numbers. It has been stated that players can make more…so those are his minimums.

Obviously he has done the math, weighed in the NFL option, and disagrees.

I am curious if the media and others are going to go in panic mode everytime a player signs with the spring leagues instead the CFL.

Boyko is Canadian, but wasn’t his last NFL team the Chargers, and AAFL team is San Diego. Was he with the Chargers prior to their move to LA. Maybe he has a home and/or likes being in San Diego.

Of course, but for the “star players” that don’t get that NFL option? What are they going to do? Hold out? They won’t be able to make the 450k+ a veteran in the CFL can make without a CFL out.

That’s just grandstanding. Like when the XFL deleted their tweet about fans being able to tip a player for making a play. Personally, I don’t hold much credence for the AAF’s gambling app working well, no matter how much fans follow them on facebook.

Disappointing but I fear not the last time something like this will happen. And this player is a Canadian to boot, so that hurts double.

Wake up CFL. Start paying your players better.

The CFL will still be in business next year.

By then they can jump on the XFL train until it crashes the next year.

You all do realize that the AAF is not a top tier league nor does it pretend to be…

Yes, They aren’t a top tier league or pretend to be but if you aren’t in the NFL you will most likely go play where you can make the most money regardless of what league that is. Especially when your goal is to get to the NFL one day.

The end game for the AAF is to be bought out by the NFL.It is being run like a tech
start up(other peoples money) with a vicious burn rate.The goal is the exit round
for the investors.
The NFL CBA negotiation is up for renewal in 2021 and Jones/Kraft/Snyder want to
take away leverage possibilities to the NFLPA.They can offer decent salary and more
importantly pension points to an additional 500 players by buying the league out.The
NFL can buy a 10/20% stake in late 2019 w/an option to buy out the rest in 2021 after
the labor negotiation.The NFL desires a 18 game / 21 week schedule(more TV money)
leading into their media rights deals expiring in 2021(MNF) and 2022(rest of rights).
The headwinds are coming for the CFL. :frowning:

What star players are not already I the NFL? Why are you suddenly talking vets? I’ve never said anything about vets and only referenced 2 young players. Why are you saying a CFL vet can make 450k? That is only true as an established QB…nobody else.

Calling it grandstanding is a cute way of brushing off reality I guess. It is still reality though.

“In addition,? Polian explains “every player completing a full (Alliance) season will receive a scholarship of a significant amount of money and we will provide counselling if they want to go back to school.?

Each player will be signed to a three-year contract with a minimum base gross salary of $250,000 over three years. But they can earn more.

“With bonuses related to skill, statistical levels and even some fan engagement, they can earn considerably more than their base minimum,? Polian said.

XFL is touting to pay a pile more…but we will see there yet.

Where did I say they wouldn’t be? I am saying they don’t have their pick of the new players any more. We’ve just seen a top and CANADIAN talent choose the AAFL over the CFL. That’s a big deal.

By star players I mean the AAF’s star players. Same as in the CFL’s star players. Not NFL star players, but still perceived star players in their leagues nevertheless.

I’m only pointing out I see a potential problem with the AAF’s salary structure. The top top players who are not good enough to stick in the NFL will want more than what the AAF’s three year contract currently offers.

But it’s not reality yet. Until it is there’s no way to know how it will go, but I don’t see the appeal on gambling on this. People want to gamble on the big race, not the warm up before the Triple Crown. The bonuses they’re claiming they will pay aren’t exactly clear.

You are failing to add “minimum” into that sentence. it is a minimum 250k/3year contract. There are also bonuses atop of that.

But it is reality. There are players with contracts in place. Confident they are clear in those contracts, which would be motive for players like this to even sign. Boyko knows that as a starting national tackle in the CFL he would get pushing 200k…he passed. When Canadians start passing on the CFL it means Americans will in droves…June Jones already expressed this when they tried signing multiple QBs to no avail. Not sure how someone can pretend that the talent drain to the CFL is not a concern. CFL is now the 3rd or possible 4th choice depending on XFL

I’m not pretending that. All I’ve said is past leagues have promised lofty salaries, bonuses, etc before. Let’s see if they will go back on them.

The XFL looks to go after the CFL’s veterans, but the AAF won’t be an option for them this year. Contracts don’t expire until the end of the AAF’s season.

Again, not once have I mentioned vets. The concern is new people coming in. Those new people, or the bulk of them, will have the CFL as a third or 4th choice.