AAFL will be a success

All American Football League will be a success.
I like their plan and I beleave that their ideas are not only feasible, but attainable.
Anyone here wish to agree or disagree with me?

Weren’t they supposed to start up this spring? Maybe I just haven’t been listening, but I haven’t heard a word about the AAFL since the initial announcement. Any word on rosters, or where teams will be, or TV contracts, or anything at all?


"The All American Football League, scheduled to begin play in March or April of 2008, is a professional league of American football in which all players must possess a four-year university degree. The players will be employees of the AAFL, not the franchises, and the league will pay each player $100,000 per year"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_American_Football_League

So far 5 teams have been made.
"As of August 10, 2006 five universities, Purdue University, the University of Tennessee, North Carolina State University, the University of Florida, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham had already announced agreements to rent their stadiums to the league. The AAFL says all teams playing during the inaugural season will be in either the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Southeastern Conference, or the Big Ten conferences. However, the AAFL has plans to expand into all other BCS conferences in the near future."

Bring on the games! Anything is better than base-bore, and this is FOOTBALL!

Playing Devils advocate…What are they doing different that will make them successful, when the XFL, Wold Football League, USFL all failled? Taking on the big, powerfull NFL is a very big task.

Hi Sportsmen,
Did you read the website? Taking on the NFL is not thier plan. They want to be a stepping stone to and from the NFL, not as a farm league, but as a league for players who cant make it to the NFL or give a chance for players to still play after their NFL carreer is over.
I will do my best to answer you.
The XFL was not real football in my oppinion, although they played for real, it was more football entertainment (circus football) and it failed even befor games started because die hards did not want to get insulted by a product like that. Sure some people may have liked it, but most hated it.
Ok now that I got that XFL rant out of the way here is the difference.

Here is what AAFL is doing that I think will make it a successful league.

The AAFL plans to work with the top Universities, use their stadiums, their graduated players, and their fan base. Basically keeping overhead low and taking advantage of some already great resources.

This is from their website....
Any university with a Division IA football program will be eligible to apply to host a League team.

Major universities including members of the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Big Ten and the Southeastern Conference are negotiating with the League to host the Spring games on campus through stadium usage agreements. The League intends to field additional teams in leading college bowl series cities.

Sportsmen, I'm gonna add a little to BB's XFL rant-Vince McMahon thought football needed to be more like wrestling; what a turd head...about mid-season, they started asking people at the games why they came out...the most common answer? Because it's football; NOT because the players are encouraged to date the cheerleaders, or guys could have clever sayings on their jerseys instead of their names (remember "He Hate Me?"), or that Jesse Ventura was a color commentator, etc.