The XFL was ahead of its time. Football was still pretty violent back then.

I would love a league like that today. But I don’t believe that’s what they have in mind.

I will be disappointed if the AAF or the XFL receive better support in the US then Canadians (we) support the CFL

They are only allowed to go to the NFL. That’s the contract. 3 years.

Ruse to an extent.

Hypothetically if Aaron Murray makes The Atlanta Legends roster as their starting QB. He can’t leave the AAF unless it’s an NFL job or he gets cut.

Obviously if a player gets cut, they can go anywhere they want. That’s not a ruse, it’s reality.

The AAF is not paying players that much. The 3 year average if you make it 3 years is 75k. It’s a sound business strategy but not one that will entice pro players with real options to their league.

Like you stated, the number of players that actually make it 3 years will be the minority.

The design of a 3 year deal is to insure that you don’t lose players to rival leagues (CFL and XFL).

The key in all of this is the AAF making it to 3 years.

The XFL was way ahead of its time especially from a production standpoint. The ref cam in the CFL always makes me fondly remember The XFL.

No turning back time though. That violent style of football is gone forever.

Great post. Polian has made no secret about it. The AAF is trying to become what NFL Europe was. They want to be a minor league system for the NFL. You can see it by the level of talent on the AAF rosters. It’s all cup of coffee in the NFL young inexperienced players.

The problem with positioning yourself as a minor league is that viewers see you as just that minor. NFL Europe was great for players and coaches but it wasn’t viewed as being an important competitive league. Something that the CFL has always been.

What is a “cup of coffee in the NFL” player? :o

A cup of coffee means a short time. These players were on nfl rosters for a short time. A lot of them are not classic final cutdown day players. The majority of them were on rosters briefly and then cut. A lot of them have no nfl playing experience whatsoever.

Players who were in the nfl for a cup of coffee. ?

Sam Giguere comes to mind, correct?

You are correct.

True story… A Haitian immigrant and his brother came to my office one day. As they sat in front of me I couldn’t help but notice the immigrant had a shirt that read “My Boyfriend Got Me This Shirt.” I called my co-worker, who immigrated from Haiti as a child, over to my desk. She took notice of the shirt. She spoke with the brothers in Creole. After the brothers left she said the guy with the shirt can’t speak or read English.

You’re wondering about his brother…he can speak some English but can’t read it.

Yep, if the CFL falters it will be partly Canadians to blame (the league must take some blame for slowing down the game, hiring Orridge, etc)

XFL supposed salary structure is pretty similiar to the CFL.

…head coaches… (500k a season)… players… 3 tiers. 250 to 300k for their top tier players. 150 to 175k for the second tier and the final tier ranging from 50 to 100k.

Silver lining competition is always good.

Yep, if the CFL falters it will be partly Canadians to blame (the league must take some blame for slowing down the game, hiring Orridge, etc)
Sort of redundant though as I believe most of "the league" or the CFL administration or management as I what I think you are referring to are Canadians.

At any rate, I don’t think that should the CFL cease to exist at some point, that this can necessarily be regarded as a “failure” as it all depends on how one defines “failure”. It might be as Darwin could have put it, simply evolution, in this part of the sports business evolution and emerging environment in the North American sports environment, and the changing cultural and demographic environment as well, whereby nothing the CFL could have done would have prevented the “failure” of the league to continue to exist. Who knows.

I don’t know, was Zellers mismanaged, for example, or was it inevitable that once Walmart came in that a business like Zellers was bound to go under? Again, I don’t know with how increased the NFL has developed over the last few decades with the billions and billions of dollars put into it by the media and television companies that a league like the CFL would inevitably fold and cease to exist?

For your amusement, the AAF has released the teams uniforms on its website.
Style enthusiasts will want to have a look!

I hope they’re better looking than their logos, which to me looks like they were ripped straight out of Madden’s make a team mode.

Their main logo is a penis.

I like Stallion and Fleet. Commanders and Apollos are OK. Others are meh

They don’t look too bad to me.
Some colors are not my fav but they don’t look bad

The only team name and logo I like is Iron .

They do seem contrived from a video game .

One issue I don`t understand about the AAF.

If players are signed to 3 yr. contracts, what happens in years 2 & 3 with rosters already full? How can they add additional players?

And are the 3 yr. contracts guaranteed if players are released to make room for new ones?


For comparison’s sake, the CFL draft just had Randy Ambrosie announcing the picks at what looked like the set used for the Panel.

The AAF on the other hand, spent a fortune just for the QB draft. They built amulti-level set and brought in the teams and QB prospects to Las Vegas for the telecast. That productionmakes the league look first-class.

Can such a large outlay be justified by the popularity of the league? That is the big question .