AAF Teetering on the Brink

After one week of play, the AAF required a $250 million investment from the owner of the Colorado Avalanche to avoid going bankrupt.

Another upstart football league is showing they can’t compete with the big boys.

I think he owns the Carolina Hurricanes.

I thought the league had secured enough personal owner financing and CBS rights packaging to survive deep into the season?

The league will cut thru this billionaire’s 1/4 billion dollar injection like a hot knife thru butter - but at least the players will get paid, coaches & staff, too!

Poor excitement levels will result in decreased crowds & overwhelming expenses . . . .

Maybe they can bring David Braley down south?

At least CFL scouts will continue to purchase tickets in an effort to bird dog the thing!

Cn somebody please explain to me how a league with TV money and the blessing of the colossus down south can already be missing payroll after two weeks?

And apparently the Orlando Apollos can’t even practice in Florida due to insurance issues.

One would think insurance would be a top priority before starting a tem/league.

Not an expert here in any way but my guess would be that the league went crawling to various TV networks begging them to show games. It’s a no brainer for a network to buy the rights at a bargain basement price since it’s yet another unproven league. So whatever price they paid certainly wasn’t enough to make this league liquid. I think they were hoping the product itself would fill seats and pay some bills…lol (Queue: Another one bites the dust by Queen)

“The AAF is off to an exciting start as a league and was founded on some truly unique and groundbreaking concepts.”

What concepts? They did away with kickoffs and extra points! It’s professional backyard football.

I don’t like the Wheelchair quarterbacks either - with the 12 yr old girl arms!!!

Sports Business Daily reports, citing multiple sources, that Dundon’s agreement was “week-to-week” and that Dundon could stop funding on a moment’s notice.

I don’t automatically want these other leagues to fail.

I tend to support the players pov on these things and the more employment options the better.

And I think the CFL falls into various states of inertia where they make little attempts to up their game. They are satisfied if the only competition is the NFL , which is not really a competition at all.

But these new leagues are competition and is forcing the CFL to become more proactive . The CFL has become way more active in their rebranding. They are trying to extend their reach and TV rights in a more global way, they are really pushing for a 10th franchise, they are trying to find ways to increase players salaries ( perhaps by limiting past waste in overpaying and over firing operational staff). They have been leaders in some good rule changes-converts, head shots etc. As well being more open in showing that Canadian teams can help in the hiring of players by local businesses ( Bighill).

One thing I think they should do is shine a light on what a solid playing career can mean post football for player:

Kevin Glenn as his Tim Horton Franchises
Jon Cornish as an investment banker
Buck Pierce as restaurateur
Andrew Harris and his resty
There are tons of these guys and could be a compelling feature on TSN. Think Anthony Bourdaiin

AAF isgetting zero money for tv broadcast rights. Whatever the terms are between the parties is a mystery, but a straight money for rights deal does not exist.

For the AAF to have a chance to survive, they will need something for their rights next season. Without that revenue I cannot see Tom Dundon continually funding something just keep bleeding.

Well you can’t say that they were exaggerating or not telling the truth . :o

What are the odds that this league folds before the end of its first season?

I’d like to see this league stick around.

OTOH I have no desire to see the XFL do any better than before.

Fair enough Okie, I read that somewhere else.

I’ll try to rephrase it then. I can’t believe a broadcast partner would be a broadcast partner without making sure the league would have the resources to make it through a season, let alone two weeks.
I’m sure the broadcaster doesn’t relish the thought of having to fill up empty hours of programming.

If they’ve back next year I suspect them to lower salaries and play more games.

10-12k is all you can really expect for minor league football.

Do you think they will be back next year?

A 2nd American football league has been tried many times and it has failed many times. I can’t imagine it working this time - either with the AAF or the XFL.

Because Americans LOVE football so much, it sounds like a can’t-miss idea. Until they realize how expensive it is to run a league and they see the empty stands after Game 1. Then the investors run for the hills.

I can see them replacing Arena ball, but the business strategy has to have some semblance of sense.

I think they at least have to show up for the XFL vs AAF cage match.