AAF puts the key in the door

Alliance of American Football ‘suspends its inaugural season over financial concerns’ weeks after signing Heisman winner Johnny Manziel

Pitiful. When will they learn spring football does not work?

I’m not convinced it won’t…this was just flatly bad football.

AAF is a tech company. Maybe they’ll just simulate the 2020 season.

He has potential to make out like a bandit with that tracking tech. There is apparently a lot of interest in it.

Mwa mwa mwa.

Looks like Johnny either took bad advice, or ignored good advice.

As a Browns fan I enjoy watching Johnny Football fail.

As a Redblacks fan it sucks that he won’t be stinking up the Als going forward.

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You are mean! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you have bigger things to worry about ;D

While I agree that I am not convinced that spring football cannot be successful, I disagree that it was bad football. The actual on the field action was decent.

It was bad business decisions and not having confident backers.

The games also didn’t mean anything. The league had no history, no real substance.

If there’s something wrong with the NFL fix that.

I hope Tom Dundon got his $250 million worth.

Agree with this too. Gotta start somewhere, though. But your business plan has to factor this in to it. Certainly fewer people will attend and care for any new team than if it has been established for 50+ years.

Honestly I didn’t understand what you meant by your next statement, though.

He “only” spent 70 million… Basically bought gaming software apparently.

I mean if there is a problem with the NFL then they should just fix that league instead of trying to start a new league. The NFL is the one with all the pedigree, meaning, etc.

According to this article it’s not the case

Dundon doesn’t own that technology, and his investment in the AAF doesn’t give him the ability to abscond with it.

The ultimate explanation for Dundon’s decision is much simpler. As one source with knowledge of the dynamics explained it to PFT, Dundon signed on to kick the tires. Once he realized how expensive it was to own and operate a sports league, he initially tried to cut costs. But that resulted in a cutting of functionality.

So it was a lack of due diligence on Dundon’s his part (and the lack of vetting by Ebersol and Polian)?

With that foresight, the future of the Hurricanes will be fun to watch in about 5 years.