AAF players to get a cut from gambling money!

Part of the revolutionary approach includes paying players, most of whom will be players that barely missed the cut of NFL teams last week or are transitioning from Division I college programs, based on the amount of their prop bets. That means a quarterback or running back with massive amounts of bets could make much more money than linemen, for instance.
"In our system, there's really a limitless cap on what a player can make," Ebersoltold ESPN. "Money from the amount of bets placed on them is one of the ways."

Maybe they should play at racing tracks.

Thought that’s possible direct influence of possible outcome .

Weird stuff to be legal when we all know what happens .

AAFL is more a television product than a Sports league and with CBS having to pay off Moonves 120 million dollar settlement plus all the legal trouble heading their way, it will be interesting how long they want to finance this adventure.

This is a very risky move and opens up the possibilities of all sorts of fraud and abuse on the field of play. Look at the nasty situation in soccer overseas.

Being able to bet on a single play or how hard a QB throws is just too easy to manipulate for greedy purposes.

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its a slippery slope, that’s for sure

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Well maybe this is going to be the way pro sports evolves, or devolves as some might say, in the future. :-\

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very interesting :slight_smile:

They never did actually debug this sports betting product. I would agree that this is insanely risky.

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The CFL use to post betting lines during their telecasts. The league should resume this to bring in interest to the game. Betting has a more connection to football instead of fantasy football

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Really? I don't remember that at all. I certainly remember the NFL using gambling to their benefit.

I do wonder if the relatively low salaries of the players and officials in the CFL might lend themselves to game fixings. What do you think Dave D.?

Watched a lot of retro CFL games. The announcers would talk about the spreads during the break in the action.

Difficult to fix games now. Need other players to participate. Cameras are everywhere on the field with slow motion and high definition. Forensic accounting would be used to follow the money trail.

"I'm not saying you did or didn't. All I'm saying that you could've robbed banks, sold dope or stole your grandmother's pension cheques and none of us would minded. But shaving points off a football game is un-American"- Caretaker, "The Longest Yard"(1974)

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Don't recall that ... but it certainly could be an important revenue stream if they hook up with an online "casino" and allow ads for in-game bets.

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As long as it's a real casino and not some fraudulent, trendy newcomer like DraftKings I am okay with that too.

Shame on the NFL on the latter along with ESPN, but I do think the owner of the Cowboys Jerry Jones may have or have had stakes such that those deals were an inside job.

FanDuel, a unit of Paddy Power Betfair now Flutter Entertainment, would be okay now and has been the partner of the NHL for two years.