AAF Players Now In The CFL

There was plenty of talk about players who left the CFL for the AAF over the last year.

Former AAF player Ciante Evans was just signed by the Als, and I’ve heard there are others who have returned to the North.

Which AAF players are now in the CFL?

Well the Lions just signed Brett Boyko.

Former Argo DT Dylan Wynn signed with Hamilton. Former Calgary DE Fred Bishop has signed with the Argos.

Brett should be a good reinforcement for the Lions.

So we’re up to…four?

Ciante Evans - MTL
Brett Boyko - BC
Dylan Wynn - HAM
Fred Bishop - TOR

We can add:
Latarius Brady-DT- To Mtl from Memphis.


I could not verify any more and Brady, as noted below, appears to have been cut, but these four appear the only former AAF players to make CFL rosters.

Evans was a CFLer.

Boyko is Canadian and a former NFLer playing in one game in 2017 and time on practice squads.

Wynn was a CFLer.

Freddie Bishop played two seasons in the NFL.

And so for all the fuss, was even one player picked up of origin from the AAF?

I say the gap in talent between the CFL and AAF was far greater than most fans acknowledge, for the coaches damn well know, and reminiscent of the XFL as also a reason it failed even more quickly and spectacularly. Good luck XFL 2.0 huh huh huh… ???

Other than some former NFLers, you’d be better off as a CFL scout scouting free agents off the street or in semi-pro ball for a diamond in the rough.

The AAF is that irrelevant!

Yes, it was. All it did was serve as leverage for CFL players to wheedle a few more dollars out of their northern teams.

My school is better than yours, my conference is better than yours. It’s just a bunch of college football yapping. I got no time for it.

A brand new league is always going to have a disadvantage in talent when it starts up. Nobody that was good and established in the CFL was going to jump to another league and take a massive pay cut. Where it would have gotten interesting is if the AAF survived a few years and established itself, it could have cut off some of the young talent coming into the CFL.