AAF is done

Agreed ^^^^^

Highschool, NCAA or NFL is the only football Americans care about.

XFL should come in just ahead of Arena ball and just behind Pop Warner. ::slight_smile:

Apparently it seems that he was not in the league . I looked at all eight of the teams rosters and Castillo wasn’t listed on any of them . I’m not sure as to the exact whereabouts of Castillo these days or what he is presently doing but apparently one thing for sure he was not doing was kicking footballs in the AAF . :-\ ???

Wow… we had a lot go to Orlondo!

I wouldn’t be surprised if McMahon stipulates in the Terms & Conditons that any athlete joining the XFL is automatically enrolled into the WWE roster - with a guaranteed minimum number of wrestling bouts to be performed. ?

Oh Mark, you are a clever soul . :slight_smile: You, you are very good .

Pat Lynch (older than dirt. Not that sore bought dirt! I couldn't compete with that. )

Make that “store bought” dirt.

Mea culpa

I was filled with contusion when I first read that. Then I thought that you needed a spelling lesion. Or perhaps you were just wound up when you wrote.

Anyway, so that it won't chafe you, I will cut my comments ulcer you'll get upset.

(Now to duck)

Lord love a duck :slight_smile:

We need to add a poll, counting how many weeks the XFL will last.

I say less than 7 weeks - By then all the gimmicks will get boring.

Long Live the CFL!

You can love a duck, just don't step on a duck. :slight_smile: Gene Hackman in the Unforgiven had no fear of the duck of death.

That's all I got. :wink:

Pat Lynch ( just ducking with ya)

Well funny you should mention it BUT believe it or not the WWE is apparently offering up free tryouts to all now unemployed AAF players . Oh and yes we're talking tryouts in the squared circle and not on the grid iron . ???

Don't believe me you say ? ;D here's the link......

To get the thread back on topic. Whoever thinks these upstart leagues will usurp the NFL is a duckhead. ;D


Thanks to Pat who stated the confusion that brought us to this point.
As we can see from the following movie poster for a great flick (of which I have NO knowledge),


apparently loving a duck is an act of pure aggression, something similar to what many of us wish to see from our team on the field.

THERE! NOW this thread is fully back on football. :slight_smile:

Imagine… people treating a thread about the AAF as a joke. Scandalous, it is.

Lol, like I said not surprised.
Good recruitment model for the WWE.

Bobo :poor Johnny ! Just can’t get a break !

Don’t know if you’ve heard or not yet BUT Johnny now wants to be known as just John from now on . I guess somebody finally told him that being called Johnny usually only lasts until yer 12 years old . ;D

If you believe what you read the CFL was this close to merging with the XFL.
Only thing stopping it was Mc Mahon wanted to buy whole league instead of just TOR which the league begged him to.

According to the hookers he cheated on his wife with, he was always just a “JOHN”

  1. Yep Grover, Bre and Johnny have definitley separated, because as Bre stated, “he broke our
    wedding vows” !!!

The marriage appears over already, just about 1 year into it.

He must be a complete idiot for sure !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: