AAF is done

Grand opening and grand closing that sure didn’t last long.

Do the Cats take Will Hill back?

He looked pretty good in the AAF games i saw

His skills were never in question. It was his lack of discipline that cost him his job here.

Strategic vision was a bit foggy there.

Sinkfield something, something in 5…4…3…

Johnny Concussion is running out of leagues to play in.

Last stop on the Comeback Szn world tour: the XFL.


Johnny Nacho ? ;D

TiCats Jim Barker on getting AAF players on neg list today

So much for the AAF diluting the CFL’s talent pool. 8)

Thank you for posting the Barker tweets.

I hope the Ticats let fans know which AAF players they successfully put on their neg list, and which two AAF players they wanted to sign to the neg list, but couldn’t because other CFL teams “beat them to the call.”

I’d really like to know the names.


For what it’s worth there is now a handful of ex Cats that were on rosters in the AAF that would now be available .

Here is the list . Quite frankly I highly doubt that the Cats would be interested in signing any of them . Pickings are slim and honestly not very impressive to say the least . There is one other ex Cat that I didn’t bother listing as apparently he’s no longer welcome in our league and quite frankly a team would have to have a king sized hole in their head to be interested in signing this guy anyway even if he was available (no name mentioned of course ::slight_smile: :P)

Chris Davis - db Birmingham
Willie Quinn - wr/pr Orlando
Quinterrius Eatmon - ot Orlando
Terrance Parks - lb Orlando
Will Hill - lb Orlando Orlando
Jerome Couplins - lb Orlando
Malcolm Bunche - ot Arizona
Brian Tyms - wr Utah

The premise for the AAF was faulty from the start . Why would the NFL support a minor league when it already has a developmental program ? It’s called the NCAA . 1000s of players are trained and draft eligible every year . Why would the NFL want to alter a system that isn’t broken ?

Vince McMahon’s XFL will have other problems . Try the google for Vince McMahon John Oliver . Vince treats his wrestlers like throw away dirt. No benefits/pensions and a shocking life expectancy for his employees that he classifies as “independent contractors”.

You can bet that the NFL will not have anything to do with XFL . The NFL is not a paragon of virtue but it looks like Mother Teresa in comparison to Vince McMahon.

Pat Lynch (only in America you say)

Come on down Vince , yer up to bat next . My guess would be another "Swing and a miss" for the XFL aka the "He Hate Me " Football League .

The XFL will be going into NFL Cities

Dallas, St. Louis, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Washington D.C.


10 weeks starting first week of Feb. (1 week after NFL Superbowl)

The pay for XFL players won’t be a lot

The XFLstandard form contractwill offer players a salary of $7,500 per game, substantially higher than the 2018 minimum of theCanadian Football Leagueand roughly in line with the 2001 XFL’s $4,500 base salary when adjusted forinflation.[29]Marquee talent will be eligible for up to a $300,000 annual salary, which is substantially less than marquee players make in NFL and CFL (but roughly comparable with the CFL on a per-game basis).[30][31]XFL contracts are for one year, with no restrictions on joining other leagues after the season ends; this is in particular contrast to theAlliance of American Football, which requires players to sign three-year contracts, and the CFL, which requires new players to sign two-year deals.[32]Head coaches will be eligible for up to a $500,000 salary, with each team having a football operations staff of 25 people.[28]The XFL explicitly wants to avoid anyminor leaguedevelopmental partnership with the NFL or any other league, so as not to lose control of its personnel decisions.[31]45 players will be signed to each team’s roster, up from 38 in the previous league.[20]In contrast to the original XFL, players’ health insurance will be covered by the league.[14]League officials anticipate the players will not have formed alabor union, by the time play commences, thus league policies will not be subject to collective bargaining, which could help prevent work stoppage like alockoutorstrike.[16]The league has suggested that players will earn bonuses for each game they win, ensuring each team continues to stay competitive and players have a significant stake in the outcome of each game.

Interesting, thanks for the info.

I wonder now that his main competition is gone McMahon will simply match CFL’s salaries.

Why pay more for something when you can get it for less?

He’ll still have the advantage of being able to entice players with being able to play at home.

K/P Sergio Castillo

My feeling is that the typical US football fan thinks of anything other than NFL as sub-par and not really worth supporting. Like Canadians and NHL hockey?

They may be passionate for their college teams, and for individual college players, but it seems for the pros, it’s NFL or nothing. Fantasy leagues and betting are maybe a factor as well?