AAF blunder #9304-4223

Turn the volume up reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal loud.

Someone left a mic on.

I wonder if there is a hateful contingent in the US that feels they need to jump on every story about the AAF and leave comments like “who cares, it’s the AAF, it’s bush league!”

Or is that a uniquely Canadian attribute applicable only to CFL news?

Well it’s not like the broadcast crew was exaggerating :o



i’ve seen CIS preseason games with better attendance

Ya know Bobo, I saw 2 Utes in your picture . So it appears that that the AAF is trying to appeal to the younger “crowd”. :wink:

Pat Lynch (with an homage to My Cousin Vinny)

This thread is what CFL fans hate about NFL fans

Well to be fair the crowd in Orlando for the night game although not great was better attended then the earlier game in Salt Lake .

Looks like an Argo size crowd.

Utah was supposed to be one of the stronger markets.

My personal favorites are Awful American football, or having to keep it aafloat.

The Argos draw better than this…

could it be that this is pregame with a few more fans still to arrive.

They’re all on the concourse.

This was Salt Lake’s home opener . It’s bad when the players on the field can hear conversations in the stands, although you might pick up some really good recipes . ;D

Pat Lynch (the oldgalloping gourmand)

Well with the huge nightlife in Utah and it being Saturday they were probably all caught up in traffic jams. ::slight_smile:

They actually announced the crowd at a little over 10,000 so I guess that at least 9,000 of them must’ve been on the concourse . ::slight_smile:

there ya go

now we know :slight_smile:

Given some of the Argos and Lions attendance numbers lately I wouldn’t be acting all glass house with regards to the AAF

Love it!