A340 crash at Pearson

TORONTO (CP) - An Air France passenger jet burst into flames after skidding off the runway while trying to land at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

The number of passengers was not immediately available.

Smoke billowed from a wooded area near Highway 401, Canada's busiest highway as emergency crews sped to the scene. A portion of the plane's wing could be seen jutting from the trees.

Peel police say the craft was an Air France passenger jet that was attempting to land when it ran into trouble.

"An Air France plane landing on runway 2-4 left went off the end of the runway the area of Convert Drive and the 401 area in Mississauga," said Sgt. Glyn Griffiths.

"Unknown at the time of any injuries. Flame was seen from the plane. And full response by all emergency vehicles."

He couldn't say whether any passengers had been removed from the plane.

........holy crap.......

dosen't sound good .....can only hope everyone is all right...

Un-confirmed reports no causalities

........CNN is reporting everyone made it out........injuries but no casualties at this time.......

I heard about that today. But i heard that it got hit by lightning or something. Is this true or just people talking??Lets hope for the best.

Yes they say it was lightning.
Strange, aircraft lightning strikes are common. A crash afterwards is not.

it could have also been, hydro plaining or an air micro burst.

But I would question the person who tought it was a good idea to put a run way, with a valley at the end of it. I am glad that no one was seriously hurt.