a wins, ..a wins........a win

....Battle of the basement for sure.....i seen some great kicking....but c;mon....The d's on both teams played well....the offences reek.....Give Bishop a little more time...and we might get another win :lol: :lol: ..I don't know if either team deserved 2 pts :roll: :lol:

don't usually remark about the refs. but c'mon....there was a few' very 'controversial 'calls for roughing on Joseph....while a blatant face mask on Bishop , suddenly the ref goes blind.... 8) ...good call on the last play of the game though :lol: :lol:

Well papa not a lot to like in this one from an entertainment viewpoint.

But I'd say that Logan at safety is coming along quite nicely, wouldn't you agree?

I recall earlier in the season speculating about moving Shabazz back to safety . . . scratch that idea.

And, remember, I did say this home and home would be a split, didn't I?

So I got that right (for a change)!

....definitely agree on Logan....had a hunch on this canuck kid....what can you say about Shabazz that we haven't already :thup:
...IF you're a masochist and want to watch two teams offensively....twist in the wind....you might have liked that one...brutal....Bishop has an excuse....nobody else on the Bomber offence has....I think there'll be a move on the o line for next game....someone will be gone...and a new face inserted... :wink: I saw Kelly rip someone on the sidelines....didn't catch a number...Kelly was smiling but the player wasn't.. :roll:

I called for a blowout but it did not happen. I thought with the early 10 point lead it was sure to be. The bad call on Bombers seemed to be the turning point, instead of Bombers probably going to 17 zip, the Argos get a td. Clearly the refs where with Argos :x

Seemed to me, first thing in the 2nd half we went to the running game? All that did was waste downs, Anyway Bombers win and Bishop is 1-0.
I think the game plan going in to the 3rd qtr was to get the running game going, I did not like that plan, should have stayed with the first half plan.

...you know we get labelled 'horrific' by some media.....Welllllll IF we're horrific ....what term do you use for the Argos...I can see both teams struggling most of the year...with the BigBlue finally coming together at, or near the end....Will it get us into the play-off pic..... :roll: WE HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO ON THE OFFENCE..And please Kelly, for the umpteenth time...GET A KICK-RETURNER.... :twisted:

That last one's a good point papa; he brings in this guy Thorpe, allegedly to be a kick returner, and now 2 games in a row has used him at WR and not once as a returner. I have no idea what's going on there . . .

.... :roll: :roll: :roll: ...search me.....Kelly says , Thorpe is not comfortable with the CFL field....WELLLLLLL , who is when you're a newcomer to the league....you have to 'do your thing'......how else are you supposed to get 'comfortable' :roll: curious...He seemed to figure it out on one catch though :lol: :lol:

Yeah, it was a win, but I still have that "empty" feeling after this one.
Give Bishop more time, and he may be a difference maker for this team, but we'll see. Despite this win against the Argos, the team still needs work. D looked really good, though! And our kicking game is so much better than last year.
Whatever, though, "a win is a win", right

Go Blue!

Another close, lowscoring suspense filled game between these two teams. I wonder how Bishop is feeling this morning after taking two huge hits by Willie Middlebrooks?

Love Bishop, glad to see him back in the CFL....

They look like the two weak sisters in the East. Both have good to very good defences, both have questionable offences. First one to get its offence at least somewhat in gear will finish third; the one that doesn't gets last place. Time for Kelly and Andrus to earn their paycheques.

I wouldn't sell either team short just yet, both could be 4 - 1 or even 5 - 0 if not for one glaring fault, turnovers for the Argos and QBing for the Bombers. Both have been riding stingy defenses in the mean time.

On the other hand, if Hamilton hadn't imploded in the first quarter and we hadn't laid an egg at home, the Argos would be 0-5. :rockin:

why is everyone saying the defense is so good when the opposing teams constantly put up a ton of yards?

last night against the argos, the bombers had alot of stupid penalties on defense that extended argo drives, some bad calls by the refs aswell(the dorian smith roughing the passer) that i think may have lead to my thinking here but i mean, if our defense is so good, i wonder how many 2 and outs ?? not many, most argo drives were long drives, interceptions/fumbles... all well and good but how many of them happened when the argos were near or closer to our 20 yard line on every drive they had. Thank god for turnovers tho... 35 minutes for the argos on offense. some of that falls on our defense. perhaps if our d could maybe stop the other teams without them first gaining 60-80 yards, maybe our offense would have a better chance.

with that being said tho, our defense does turn the ball over.. and we did win the game. Just pointing out something i think is vastly over rated according to the stats but i suppose, sometimes the stats dont matter.

Fact is argos d is ranked #2

we arent ranked #1. but maybe in a way we should be but at the same time, i do think improvement is needed on defense.

our offense needs time to come together and hopefully they do because eventually when u give up like 400 yards a game on defense, your gonna get your butt handed to you one time, one time those 7 turnovers wont be there, then it might be ugly. I hope the D can keep it up tho, id like to see more 2 and outs.. but overall i think the bombers, if all goes well, if the offense can get rolling, if the d can keep it up... even get better... if our special teams can be steady all year.... we might be quite the contender. Lets hope the fans of the team allow our team to grow.

That`s exactly right!!!

The only thing uglier than the Toronto and Winnipeg offence is Siddeq Shabbaz's "beard."

Good to see the Bombers eke out a win, albeit one that Toronto could have won if they hadn't taken a lousy time count violation. And in this league, you simply aren't going to win much if you can't put up more than 13 points per game.

...You can if you're only allowing 12... :wink:

i still think we shoulld not have cut joe smith in favour of giles or bernard.. and we need to bring in armstead.

those two acquisitions would really help this team score more points

the loss of glenn isnt so bad now that we have a functioning QB

I expect bishop will have a very good year. once he gets in game shape, has some familiarity with his recievers and learns the playbook we will be much better offensively. having franklin and bowman back will also help a great deal.

i dont think he has ever played with an offense this talented overall... hes been quoted saying hes pretty impressed with the guys here.. hopefully they can all get on the same page quick and start rolling...

We are playing arguably the two best teams in the league back to back now, so the offence better get moving

While I applaud Winnipeg's defense for holding Toronto to 12 points, it's unrealistic to expect them to continue to do that for the rest of the season. And without taking anything away from the Bombers, Toronto's offense is god-awful, completely reliant on Robertson at this point in time.

[quote="disciplineandpunish"] albeit one that Toronto could have won if they hadn't taken a lousy time count violation.

Toronto would have had no chance in the game, had it not been for the bad call on Bombers when we had Joseph on his butt in the end zone! Would have been Argos down 10 zip and kicking from their end zone , accept a questionable late hit on the QB, that is when Argos managed their only td.

Bombers only td was not aided by any penalties.