A Winnipeg Blue Bombers History Thread

Back in the days before big TV revenues helped pay for a team’s roster, Guys who could play more than one position well must’ve been gold.

Two way players are pretty much gone now. I think the exception would be punters or place kickers. They’re still allowed to be backups or starters in some other position (I think). Or maybe the players union changed all that.

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Dieter Brock Autograph Stash

I'd posted these 4 years ago, but they were lost from this site when my choice of picture host sites (Tinypic) went belly-up a couple of years ago.

All signed at the Princess Auto 2018-08-21 autograph session in Transcona.


I have 4 or 5 of those cards, (I haven’t looked through my many boxes for years) none of which are autographed. You have a fantastic collection.


A 13min hi-light reel of all 37 of Zach Collaros' TD passes during his 2022 MOP season.


Pretty cool for a Bomber fan. I was impressed by the number of TD passes he threw when scrambling and on the run. No one throws better on the run than Zach.

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The Fog Bowl 1962

Deluxe, Fully-Authored, 3DVD Archival Set.

Made by fans, for fans. For historical reference & personal enjoyment purposes only.




Links expire 2022-12-24.

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Here is some "bomb shell" history

To this

i don’t understand what his gf has to do with it? nypost is such a rag lol.

2021 Upper Deck CFL 1/1 Printing Plates

Complaints & grievances : Somehow Upper Deck lost the yellow Zach Collaros printing plate before they could give it away in the epack redemption. Either that or it wasn't produced in the first place.

To add insult to injury, it doesn't look like they produced printing plates of card #200 in the set, the Andrew Harris / Adam Bighill checklist card.

I find all of this disappointing. There should've been another 5 Bombers plates.

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The All-Time Blue Bomber Greats 75th Anniversary Pin Collection (2005)
Click to enlarge & Read

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The 10 Greatest Blue Bomber Players of All-Time
Feel free to play along at home.
After all, opinions are no different than derriere’s — everybody’s got one.
The only rule I stuck with is NO active players. Their stories are not yet complete.
Andrew Harris is retired. If you think he’s one of the top 10, by all means, put him on your list. He almost made mine.

10 Tom Casey RB/DB 1950-1955

09 Frank Rigney OT 1958-1967

08 Herb Gray DE 1956-1965

07 Dieter Brock QB 1974-1983

06 Jack Jacobs QB 1950-1954

05 Chris Walby OT 1981-1996

04 Milt Stegall WR/SB 1995-2008

03 Fritz Hanson RB 1935-1941

1b Leo Lewis RB 1955-1966

1a Kenny Ploen QB 1957-1967


As a 71 year Tiger-Cat fan , I certainly appreciate the Bomber tradition of excellence . :heartbeat: :+1:t2:

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Might disagree with the order but the 10 or 11 listed are the best Big Blues of all-time, NQA.

If there was room for a 7a or somesuch I’d slide Old Bud Grant into the equation. Guy was an NFL all-star, CFL all-star and then the coaching record. Yep, that coaching record.

Other Bomber honorable mentions = Gerry James (Kid Dynamite), Ernie Pitts, Dick “Tricky Dicky” Thornton, Andrew Harris, Rod Hill, Mini-Mack Heroin, Joe Pop, Sherwyn “Thumper” Thorson, Eddy Kotowich.