A Win is a Win is a Win is a Win......

I said in a post yesterday that I don't care how ugly it is, we just need a win....

And yep, as ugly as it may have looked, it's two points in the "win" column and that's all that matters...

Good job!

And how about that defense?.....they won the day and kept us in the game without a doubt! Coaches Reed and McPhee had these guys prepped well.

And what a difference with Corey Holmes back......this guy is incredible!

Congrats to Terry Vaughn on his well earned receiving record and congrats to Mark Myers on his kicking debut.

Keep the snowball rolling right into Montreal!


everything should go smoother now that the first win is out of the way. And last time i looked there isn't a different column for ugly wins and good ones! lol :thup:

Good thread, Mikey.

Although the Ticat offence is still struggling, it was nice to see them score 13 points in the second half. Meanwhile, the Ticat defence held the powerful Calgary offence to 411 total net yards last night, 104 net yards less than they allowed in their first match in Calgary. Nice work by Mark Myers on the crucial winning field goal too!

Congratulations to the Ticats on their first win of the season and good luck against the Alouettes next Thursday night.

It was Ugly But Will Take it..

As noted elesewhere, there have been numerous negative comments on this site, even after our first win of the season. That's a shame.

Congratulations to the team on this hard-won victory, the first of many this season I hope. Special congratulations to Terry Vaughn for setting a new career receptions mark. Keep up the good work everyone. The best is yet to come.

I don't know about "ugly, but it sure wasn't pretty. It was good to see a re-charged offence, some swagger on the bench, a kicker we can count on. The secondary still concerns me though.

Let's remember that Calgary was 3&1 going into last night and just came off a smack-down of Saskatchewan. Had a couple flags not been thrown, the incomplete toss on the three, it could have been a much more decisive victory.

Congratulations Coach Lancaster.

That felt good, I'd never been so happy to see a win. Congratulations to the team, Lancaster, and of course our new kicker. (He looked good, bet lets remember, it was one game) I do have a funny feeling after see his performance that he'll be our kicker for years to come. I wouldn't mind seeing what he can do on punts.