A win, but U-G-L-Y...

This team still has a ton of problems. Starting at the top. The gameplan is crap. Bellefeuille is just a joke. How is it possible to run the ball up the middle EVERY time? Has he never heard of a sweep? A toss? Off end? End around?

Then there's A.C. The guy cannot hit a pass over 7 yards anymore. He's lost it folks. He was given time tonight, and he overthrew guys left and right.

No ability to score from inside the 2 yrd line....awful.

I'm happy that the kicking game and ST showed up, otherwise I'm afraid we would have lost. The D did a good job most of the night, but they still are allowing too many easy catches.

As for the officials...I thought maybe some guys from the NBA decided to ref tonight. Within three plays we saw two of the worst pass INT calls ever! I guess the new rule is if you blow your whistle early because you are clueless that the D has intercepted a pass, throw your flag and call a penalty on the team you just jobbed....Nice asscovering on that one.

Acefrehley said:"As for the officials...I thought maybe some guys from the NBA decided to ref tonight. Within three plays we saw two of the worst pass INT calls ever!"

I have to admit, that on the first call, the ref was full of fertilizer. Awful, awful call! I right away thought of a guy who has gambling debts, and is rigging games to pay them off.
Read this column on how people view refs and umps will be forever changed by that NBA ref scandal:


Then I remembered that the game was in TORONTO, and that CFL refs are awful. I think that bad call was due to incompetence, gross incompetence! But, it is not because the ref has been sucked into the mob like the NBA ref. But, when the call was made, I did think about the NBA ref...
Read the article, it is a good read.

Good read Stewie. I agree with you no intent, just a brutal, brutal brain cramp / mistake.

Tonights win for the Als was inspired by the defence.McKay made a couple of sacks showing both power and speed. Cox played his best game of the year and Boulay is fast and a heavy hitter who was robbed of an interception by a ref who was blind. The entire defensive squad were solid and performed very well and the Als demonstrated that they have some good young talent.
For Toronto, one has to admire Damen Allen who reasserted himself back in the QB role. In addition, John Avery showed great speed especially running wide. I believe he is an improvement over Ricky Williams of last year and deserves greater recognition.
With respect to the Als offense, I will leave that for someone else to write about. Will Bratten replicate tonight’s performance and become the go to guy with respect to the kick return game?

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan who watched Mike McMahon stink for a season with them, I was asking when the game started, why the Argos weren't starting Allen. As soon as he came in, I knew their offense would start to move the ball. I'm glad the D did pick it up most of the night and held the Argos to only one TD and some FGs.

Here’s my take:


  • the running game got off the ground (Payton and Clayborne played very well)
  • the OL gave AC some time
  • the DL were able to get pressure on the QB
  • nice work on specialty teams


  • AC is still under or overthrowing his receivers consistently (even on the short routes).
  • Popp declines the penalty putting the Als at 2nd and G on the 1 instead of 1st and goal on the 2.


  • Interception which was negated by the atrocious call against Cox

The Als have scored 103 points and 44 of them have come in the first quarter. The offence generated all of two points in the second half last night. Take away the first quarter and the Als are scoring an average of 3.9 points a quarter.
That's not going to win them a lot of games.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but our current coaching staff sucks at halftime adjustments, which is why can never score points in the second half. Coming on the heels of an adjustment master like Don Matthews, it's even more insulting to the fans.

Als had a good outing in TO IMO.

They finaly got some pressure on the QB. (Thanks Bowman). They dominated special teams and didn't make mistakes.

Payton has potential. He's not crazy fast but he has tons of power, Pro caliber cuts and he's a load. His attitude seems good. If he can block it could mean the end of Edwards as a starting RB.

Half-time adjustments still non existent. Bellefeuilles offense still a bore and unproductive.

So some areas improved while some stuff is what it is.

just a thought---
If AC showed up at CIS football camp looking to be a QB
Throwing ability---none
hell he wouldn't last more than 3 hrs at camp
and we expect to win
better start finding a replacement--it will take at least half a season to get a QB comfortable in his job--
by the way ..why can BC find QBs by the handful but not the Als

I can give you 50,000 reasons why you are wrong.
Give him back the play calling and see what happens

Have another cocktail Mikeey1. It's early yet. That whole "thinking" thing might pass with a few more cold ones. . . .

well at least I'm not on the Als parroll--so I can state my mind

Thurmon was brouhgt in to stretch the field----so far 10.4 avg reception
longest is 29 yds (5 yrd pass -24yards running)--therefore if we exclude this recetion true average is 9.1 yrd
Could we get some to throw to him---

Like I said, give the play calling back to him and see what happens.

Mikeey1. Right on. And I really don't want to hear 50,000 again. So what. Does anybody want Damon Allen to start for us. He must be much better than AC because he has more career yardage than AC. Never heard such garbage in my life. I don't care what he did 5 years ago. Today-- he cannot pass downfield. Period.
Look what we accomplished in Toronto. A 10 yard drive for a touchdown. And a bunch of field goals. We still have no coaching, no QB, and our GM, VP, Coach, cook and bottle washer has to take his inflated ego and go.

Allen is past his prime, AC is not.
Give the play calling back to AC and you will see the difference

You say he cant pass but he has the 3rd most yards and the 2nd highest compleation percentage!
And before you mention distance.....
His average distance is 7.3 yards....the rest of the league is 7.1 yards

You're right, we should sign Timmy Chang and put him in. I mean, look at what he accomplished against Montreal. He capped off a drive with a 71 yard pass for a touchdown.

You're also right, 50,000 yards is nothing. I mean, there was 3 other guys who were able to do it, and Damon Allen, yup he does have most yards. Glad you did you're research. How about you research how many times he passed for 5,000 yards in 1 season, compare that to Anthony.

  1. Great points Ro and Ryooon, as usual.

  2. You AC-hating guys really think he couldn't make a CIS team??? Seriously???

I don't think Calvillo is a problem. He's lost a bit like any aging athlete but what is making Calvillo look bad is Bellefeuille's offence. Calvillo is not suited for it but he's still working with it and has not complained or throw blame around.

I am not sure how someone could say he couldn't make a CIS squad, that is laughable. I have a feeling comment was made by a CIS freshman. LOL!

I still think that offense is the wrong way to go and if the Als want to become the Green Riders of 2004. Might as well get personel better suited for that offense.

Did I mention I hate that offense ?

AC looks better since the O-line has started protecting him properly. He is still my man.

Last game, the O-line was able to create holes for running backs, this is a major improvement from last games.

Special teams did a great job. They won the game almost on their own.

Defense gave a hard time to Argos QB.

Again, I see a general improvement in the team's abilities.