A Whole New Bungle's First Poll!!!!!

How many season tickets and flex pack equivalents with the Argos get by game 1?


Maybe the results for this poll will put some egg on Area51s face

If were adding the flexpacks too for an equivalent I think getting to 15K is realistic.

Who picked the Roughrider Jesus selection? Area 51 is going to tear you 2 new ones

I see that both Slim Mike and Area 51 have posted.. otherwise, this poll looks pretty realistic.. According to my lightning fast calculations ..this poll averages 15000.

20 votes... still a 15000 average.... I guess Area 51 owes someone an apology. Even if he is right and the Argos,dont sell anywhere near 15K. 15k is still the general consensus on this board. Area 51 launched a personal attack for an opinion that is the norm

Whether the ST numbers are accurate or not it's inspiring to know posters here see the value of a positive outlook .
It makes the board a more pleasant experience . A little oasis for the CFL brotherhood.

We will all know shortly the true numbers .

yea, but I never said 5k I just doubted ArgoT's post back in Feb that 15k season tickets were sold.
I wouldn't doubt 15k season Plus the package by June. There will be a big crowd for the home opener, the mini-package includes the home opener and there will be a lot of Ticat fans that will snap up individual tickets when they go on sale next week.

Why would he owe anyone an apology? This poll is exactly the same guessing that comprises the other thread.

It doesn't matter if an opinion is the norm if it turns out to be wrong. That's just a herd mentality.

I'm not saying that the herd isnt wrong.. I'm just defending the accused by stating that his thought process is not as wacked out as being made out to be. Like if someone told you there was a man in the sky, who sent his son down to be concieved by a 12 year old then he would rise from the dead and then fly away later without the use of technology. Yet there is a billion people who believe some parts or all of that.
To be an Argo fan, you have to have faith. Not to mention the great Satan, Rogers trying to destroy you I don't fault the poor guy for having faith.

Welcome back, Bungle!