A wedding party

after seeing many stories about inane bride requests and other such related stories, this ones a gooder


I’ll never forget the one where the father-of-the-bride said his daughter could have either :

A) A house OR
B) The wedding of her dreams

and she chose B. ::slight_smile:

FYB, I salute you my friend.

You’ve successfully managed to establish an Off Topic section here!

Try starting a thread on politics or religion and let’s see if we can get away with it . . .

you don’t think weddings are entertainment?

I wasn’t referring to just this thread, FYB, it’s this thread and “A Very Special Cruise Ship”, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, and “Fishing Felony”. Combine them, and you’ve established this as the new Off Topic forum, and for that I salute you, as I believe you and I are among those who miss the Off Topic Forum.

As for weddings being entertainment, well, I’ve had three of my own. . .

I dunno, Cruise ship is entertainment. A song is entertainment. Fishing is supposed to be a sport that is entertaining to some :slight_smile: