A " Wave " of disappointment !!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is WOW!!!

I did like the Hammer time intro vid, and the CF18’s were great!!!

Would of liked to have a couple of the foam hammers for my kids, but hey, I don’t sit in the endzone!!!

Was funny when Belli kicked the ref!!!

Maas looked healthy, Chang looked lost but he’s a kid so its cool…He’s our future right???

The beer was cold!!!

Nice breeze on a warm summer night…great night for a football game…wish I went to see one!!!

I think Coach is scared…so am I!!!

Did I mention the CF18’s??? cuz they were cool!!!

Oh …and the wave was fun the first 10 times it went by lol !!!

Someone bring a beachball on the 14th and then we’ll be havin’ good times in hammer town!!!

Cheers !!!

Nobody has responded to your thread yet so i will.

The thread title and your last sentence say it all.

It shows me that many, many fans who do 'the wave'
are fans of something else other than football

Maybe they feel good to be associated
with the team as long as it is winning.

I don't know.

but if they don't care to watch...

the players who get in late in the game
to see whether some of them play well
and might be future 'stars in the making'.

to see whether the guys still in the game
are still putting out a strong effort.

[ which is what the coaches look for.]
by the way, this is a leadership quality.

...they are not the football fans
that they think they are.

Frankly, I would prefer that
they left with the other 'fans'.

but that would spoil their entertainment..sigh :roll:

Ron, I have to give it to you. If you were actually looking for all that stuff last night you're a better man than most of us (though I agree 100% about the wave stuff). Forced to watch the slaughter on TV, I was simply waiting for the massacre to end.

Great!We are the worst in the league and with little hope at all!No excitement and hope can save us now!Have fun this year people!

i dont understand why belli wasnt thrown out of the game when he kicked the ref

Maybe you need to locate yourself on the field at the cats bench, with the other party poopers? And oh! Take your clipboard.

Get over yourself. This "I'm a real football fan" crap is really old. The place was sold out last night and no one cares if you know more about football than others.