A Washington media speaks about the CFL

A Washington media speaks about the CFL.

[url=http://www.boxscorenews.com/clients/boxscorenews/the-rise-of-the-new-cfl-p466.htm?twindow=Default&smenu=68&mad=No]http://www.boxscorenews.com/clients/box ... =68&mad=No[/url]

I am not sure what to think of it. does sound like a positive article!

Thats a great article actually.

We Bomber fans take good natured jabs at our Saskatchewan neighbours all the time but I find myself taking offense with the writer saying that awarding the Grey Cup to the Riders in 1995 was poor management by the CFL.

Rare to find an American reporter as informed as this guy seems to be... Good article!

Good recap and this guy really does seem to understand the CFL and its niche!

With the next TV deal almost to certainly double the current one as well as increased exposure via the NFL network who knows how much more additional revenue will begin to pour in the very near future. Nonetheless, the CFL is definitiely on the RISE.

Great article. Especially considering it;s an american one.
With the new stadium revenue and and the new tv deal, which will be much much larger, the economic landscape of this league will be forever changed.

Geroy and Lahie and others, these are joyous times for any fan of all things football for sure.

Let's enjoy this CFL ride for the better and its growth as long as it lasts, and never have I respected Canada more than I do now not just due to the CFL after having followed quite a bit of Canadian news since 2005 as well as having been always a fan of Olympic and international hockey.

Even as an American I'd take some Canadian provinces right now over well more than half the states for that matter after having lived or worked now in seven of them plus Washington DC. :thup:

No longer must especially those of us south of the border have to be confined to all the other sports and general crap that passes for programming from the Super Bowl to Labor Day weekend with so many options now beyond just the NFL Network in also years that don't include the World Cups or Euro tournaments for also you fellow soccer and/or rugby fans as well. :smiley:

I agree. He uses the example of Green Bay being a bad place to hold a Super Bowl. I personally think Green Bay would be a great place to have the Super Bowl. I know that he’s saying from a economic standpoint, but my opinion remains the same.

To go on a bit of a rant here, I’m so sick of all the people whining about the Super Bowl being played in cold weather. Are these football fans or what? New Jersey is going to have the Super Bowl and some scribes are acting like this is terrible idea. Bunch of wusses I say.

Anyway, the article was very well done.

Agreed, bad weather games are the best ones to watch and play in IMO.

The NFL has so much money what does it matter if they might "lose" a bit of money on hosting the SB in Green Bay? Oh I get it, the corporate types who are the ones mainly attending the SB corporatish game since that's where most of the tickets are sold to I understand, like warmer climates to have their parties in. :roll:

Let's hope the CFL does not become to BIG lol :wink:

Very true Mass.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I completely agree. I don't remember there being any bad weather games in the CFL last year though :cry:
Which is a shame. You typically seem to see more of them in the NFL because they play in December and January. I hope we get
at least 1 this year.

I just hope it's not the one on November 28th!

Well, I don’t know if this would count, but it was pouring during the Ham/Edm game I went to last year. My brother and I were soaked to the bone! It was quite the downpour.

It rained at a lot of Cats games last year with the Eskimo one being the worst.

I agree, raining games can be a lot of fun especially of course if it's warm and your team is at least in the game to near the end.

Is it already...