A vigil. . .

That's right, this might be our only hope to salvage a year gone kerplunk. I don't know what else to say anymore.

My disdain for Lyle Bauer, pulling an "indian-giving" stunt to sell out our team with a "Nothing can't be sold. . . " would make the late Mr. Kern Hill proud.
I still believe that firing Bauer is the first step we need to take, he's going nowhere near this scrap heap, the Bombers deserve better than Bauer.

The departure of Matt Sheridan, has me wondering if he's protesting for what Roberts needs are in the backfield, or what ever else it is to do with his complaining-style lack of attitude (probably the latter). If this team required an answer, maybe it's through prayer before priority, because the priorities are slipping pretty fast down to last place in the CFL. . . right up there with Hamilton. It's ridiculous how the Argo's actually beat us last night.