A View from the East

The wife and I drove in from Toronto today for the game to cheer for the Cats (since I could never root for a Western team). I've been a Maas supporter all year but after today's pathetic effort, I have to really question his ability to play 1st string QB. Maybe he's just one of those guys who excels at coming off the bench. Nothing wrong with that actually, except he won't ever be a great starting QB. Sort of like the difference between a starting pitcher and a reliever. If he's over his injuries (and last week would indicate he is), his effort today was simply unacceptable. At no time today did I ever feel like he was going to put it all together and lead the team to a win. He looked lost out there.

He wasn't alone in his dismal effort. With their playoff lives on the line, no one came to play a full 60 minutes. Maybe a good play here or there but no sustained drives except for one and no great defensive play either. This team looked beaten before the end of the 1st quarter.

I know some of you guys will tell me to shove it because I'm an Argo fan, but I'll bet you'd be hard pressed to give me any positives from this game.

Today's highlight was the HOF ceremony at 1/2 time. The highlight packages of each guy were great and it was good to acknowledge such fine players. Incidentally, we saw Dunigan under the stands and the guy was absolutely great with the young fans. A HOFer in more ways than one.

An Argo fan


A quality observation. Maybe, it’s because I am of the same opinion. He doesn’t appear to have the leadership ability to make the offensive guys “his team.”

Argo fan: I think you nailed this one. Also, I thought Coach Lancaster looked really frustrated when he threw the challenge flag a second time after a call that really was blown (the fumble that wasn't called). But blown calls are part of football and life, you have to accept it and move on. The Coach's frustration maybe boiled over and can explain some of the undisciplined penalties (the no yards no brainer, the clipping call on the post TD kickoff). Discipline comes from the Coach and as much as I like and respect Coach Lancaster, he isn't the longterm solution. Hamilton has had to suffer through more than its share of pretty inept teams over my 40 year life and deserves a decade of at least .500 teams.

We listened to the CHML post-game interview with Lancaster on the drive back to TO. I think the man is shell shocked. It was like he has nowhere to turn because his guys are playing very badly and the team is unable to execute any facet of the game well. And as you point out, with the season on the line these guys take dumb penalty after dumb penalty to make it that much more difficult for themselves? I know Lancaster is part of the problem but I feel for the guy.

An Argo fan

Very interesting. So you took a trip down the QEW from Toronto to Hamilton to the the Lions-Ticats game at IWS when there was a CFL game happening right there in Toronto. And I’d say that game at the 'Dome was more interesting considering the standings. And with the weather today, I thought one might prefer to be in a domed stadium. Just wondering what was up with choosing one CFL game in the area over another…

Anyway, those are some good points about Maas, I’d say. I don’t think he’s affected that much by injuries either. I don’t typically read the comments posted in the “Your Call” section of Tsn.ca, but a good point was made in the first post there. You can click here to read that comment. I don’t think his overthrown passes indicate an injury. As I mentioned in another thread (which you can click here to read) Maas can’t seem to handle pressure well. Yes, he threw for 5,000 yards a few years ago. And did he not have a better offensive line in front of him? But is it not true that he had better receivers to throw it to that year?

Anyway, I missed the game, but I understand that the Ticats looked like a team that had given up. And that does not surprise me.


Where have we heard that before??? Very appropriate with what we saw today! :oops:

For those who don't know...Roberto Duran vs SugarRay Leonard

It must be awful to be in Coach Lancaster's position. After all he has accomplished, he doesn't need this nonsense. It is great that he came back for these last two months when the TiCats needed him.