A veteran backup QB for the Blue Bombers?

Rumour has it that the Blue Bombers reached out to Kevin Glenn to see if he’d be interested in being the veteran emergency backup to Chris Streveler. Would Kevin Glenn be the right veteran QB for the job or would you suggest some other candidate?


…Kevin Glenn has declined…apparently (we don’t even know if he was approached for sure)

john hufnagel

I keep reading a ton of enthusiasm and optimism for Streveler’s Friday start.
I know, I know, his stat baseline is small but…

All the talk of his rushing success; 39 carries, 4.5 yard average. Not great. Granted, he has 3 x 10 and 2 x 20 and 5 for one yard TD’s so, of his not TD plunges he has 5 of 34 of any significance. And, till now, he hasn’t been sliding. I expect to see that change (one back up) this game.

And his passing, 19% of his attempts have been intercepted!!
Lots of complaints about Nickel and Dime Nichols, his average pass completion is 8.1 yards; Streveler’s is 5.1…

I like the guy and suspect that after starting the next prob four games he’s a CFL QB however I’m not going “over” on my proline with him driving.

I also worry that his somewhat rambunctious style gets him hurt. He gets banged up then all bets are off. Danny Mac or Buck will need to dress.

Great D, good Teams, low penalty count (Jason’s team always good for a few dumb ones), perhaps some Johnny Augustine, we have a chance.

Well Jackie Parker stepped from the sidelines where he’d been serving as an assistant coach for the British Columbia Lions and pulled on the cleats in 1968 at the age of 36. QB Coach Buck Pierce at the age of 37 might therefore be well capable of the same trick for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Paopao also did it for the lions in 90 at the age of 35 after3 years of coaching. Was having one of his best years until he too got injured.

I want to see what Streveler and McGuire can do before panicking.


I’d like to see Chris Merchant before Sean McGuire.


Aaron Rodgers

I thought that Aaron Rodgers was boycotting Winnipeg (all of Canada?) because he doesn’t speak French?


Well the road to host Lord Grey’s Cup just got bumpier. It looks like Chris Streveler is going to be the “veteran” QB at the helm of the Bombers for the rest of the year since Matt Nichols had season ending shoulder surgery today. So it’s up to Chris.


I would guess that Nichols has perhaps played his final game as a Bomber.

I would not be at all surprised.

I’m betting that Nichols will be back next year.


Casey Printers LOL!B.C. 35, Winnipeg 47- October 11, 2010

Not good news. I was really hoping Matt would return. Nothing against Strev but Nichols has a few more years experience and knowledge.

Yep I agree Dan. The hill just got a lot higher and muddier and not just to win the GC but in getting there. Changes a lot.

I feel really bad for the guy. He’s been through a lot. And it’s NEVER good for a QB to have shoulder surgery. Sure hurts the BB and himself going into FA.

You just have to feel for the guy. And yes it would have been nice to have a good one/two punch. It will be interesting to see if they do bring someone in or go Streveler/ McGuire . I hope someone in management remembers Glenn 's broken arm and us having to go with a 100% green Dinwitty. I like to see them put McGuire in when games are out of reach. Mind you, are the Bombers ever up enough to consider the game out of reach ?

Yup. Can’t get McGuire in unless the unthinkable happens. Gotta hope Strev is made of Kevlar.