A very thin Als Receiving corp

With Richardson out the next guy up is true rookie DL Brown from South Carolina who was basically a career special teasm player their.
Some had said the Carrier would be next guy up but as I explained Carrier is not a true receiver he is a returner Hybrid Back.
Hopefully for the Als sake that Lavoi is now perfectly healthy and will become a part of this offense again.
The 5 wide set with TE Lavoi out will be London, Green, and Bruce very good 3.
After that there is a huge huge drop off. rookie D.L. Brown as I mentioned as well as Canadian Deslaures. Brown played in all for of his seasons at south carolinal but has very little in the stat column with receiving so a good football player most likley but probably a long way to go as a receiver. the only thing that Brown has in common with Richardson is his tall frame.
Toronto's DBs are young hungry and very good and Matt Black has proven to be a high calibre safety.
Whitaker out for the game Devine is listed as next up a good hybrid threat out of the backfield.
Toronto will basically keep Deslares when in and DL Brown under single coverage with plenty of help given to the other three receivers.
Montreal made very few roster changes from last years teams so the Defense and special teams can be contributed to coaching and hiring an OC and HC who does not know the previous offense at all and is given the same players who have been running that offense for 5 years was like putting a round peg in a square hole.
Popp has slipped as he really has not brought in barely any new import talent especially at receiver

His name is DL Moore. You don't even know their names FGS! :cowboy:

His name is D.L. Moore and not Brown.


You mean that with one of our top receivers out for the season (Richardson), we only have unproven guys behind him? OH MY GOD, THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!

I really wish we were like those other teams who have 1000-yard receivers as backups and on the PR.


brain freeze mistake as I just looked at it on the depth chart that should prove my point.
Who knows the kid can be dynamic new Big SB for the Als but his lack of playing time at receiver at South Carolina points to the direction of a project guy and not the next guy up.
Sorry Mr Brown I mean Moore :oops:

Green hardly played for Florida, means nothing.

Its time for Arland Bruce III to shine. And with Brandon Whitaker out, its going to be a tough night for the Doves. I'm surprised the Argos are just 2 point favourites.

Oh I agree many of the top NCAA programs have great players who dont hit the field that often but rarely are they able to step in their rookie season and be a starter calibre players Greene was groomed through PR on his way to his success.
Clowney seemed to be the guy with NFL expereince that they brought in last year that was expected to step up but he currently sits on the IR and I think he is not as big of a receiver.
This also leaves the Als with rookie Duron Carter also in a similar position and a big 6'5" frame. Played for Ohio St his freshman year seeing a little time then off the Junior college to Alabama and Academics kept him from the field again transered to Fla Atlantic practice in 2012 but had to sit out came out early.
Also another great prospect but is he ready to play now.
former Canadian draft pick yousey Pierre also sits on the Als PR