A very special cruise ship

…I’ve always been puzzled about the very same thing…I am no maritime engineer but these super huge ships seem to just step right up and slap Archimedes Principle open-handed in the face…take for example the ship TPB featured above, here it is in dry dock:

…the blue represents the top of the water line…maybe that blue section is completely made of lead…otherwise I’m at a complete loss to what keeps that thing from simply capsizing from a gentle breeze…anyone a ship builder here and can explain this?

All I can find is a) A flat bottom
b) Ballast
c) stabilizers
d) Bottom made of heavier material than
above deck

What if the power goes out in a big storm and stabilizers are useless and they can’t pump water in or out for ballast ? Big trouble.

Food poisoning and contagious diseases and sicknesses are way bigger threat

For comparison’s sake a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is 333 meters long.


The big ship trend continues. Carnival whose original ship in 1972 was called Carnival Mardi Gras announced that their newest ship under construction will take that same name. The new ship six times the size of the original coming in at 180,000 tons. It will hold 5,200+ passengers double occupancy - more by the time you add triples and quads.

Mardi Gras will be the largest Carnival Cruise Line ship ever constructed and also the first in North America to be powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), part of Carnival Corporation’s green cruising platform.It will be sailing sometime in 2020.

And just launching this week Celebrity’s newest type of ship - the Celebrity Edge. Malala Yousafzai the Godmother for the ship at ceremonies launching it earlier this week. It has all kinds of very cool new design features like Infinite Balcony staterooms that basically make the entire stateroom part of the balcony. Plus the Magic Carpet feature that moves from deck to deck on one side of the ship.


Here is a time lapse video of this brand new ship arriving in Port Everglades.


Here’s an article on ships that will be debuting in 2019.

Check out the description of the Scenic Eclipse. It comes with two helicopters and a submarine!

Also just noticed in one of the promo pieces that came across my desk today from Royal Caribbean announcing their 2020 - 2021 deployment. They will be using the 6,000 passenger Oasis of the Seas out of New York for a couple of cruises to Atlantic Canada in 2020. That would make for some very busy times near the ports in Halifax and St. John NB where it is scheduled to visit.