A very special cruise ship

Watching on the news about the biggest cruise ship to enter Vancouver harbour. It had to come in and leave during low tide to make it under the Lions Gate bridge. They showed it leaving under the bridgeat around 5 am this morning. It was a special sight made all the more special by knowing that my wife is on it as I am watching. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well it was bound to happen FYB . Did she leave a note .

That’s nasty Hank. But FYB, did she leave a note? :wink:

actually shedid. She said “I love you too, hugs” :slight_smile:

I had gone back to sleep before her ride came.

Watching one’s wife leave is always a special sight.

When she comes back isn’t half bad either, but sending her off and then going back to sleep is the best. :smiley:

Bye dear! No need to hurry back.


It was the Norwegian Bliss which holds over 4,900 passengers that barely squeaked under the Lions Gate Bridge.

The ship I was on last week maxes out at 5,100 passengers and had about 4,400 on it last week + over 1,500 crew - the MSC Seaside.


Apparently MSC is building one that will hold 7,200 passegers plus an additional 2000 crew that should be sailing by 2022. Unreal!

TP, I have been on many cruises, like the smaller ships myself as more personal and you don’t get lost in the shuffle.

I have not been on a cruise ship but I wonder about how the high ones don’t tip over.

I wouldn’t mind going on a cruise but my wife wants nothing to do with it as she’s horrified with the whole being in the ocean on boat thing. That is one mother of a big boat there though that Norwegian one.

I hear you ArgoT - but the kid in me did have a ton of fun on the Seaside between all the cool waterslides, the longest Zipline at Sea, the fun games, shows and parties both on the pool deck or in the gorgeous multistory multimedia atrium on the ship. There were enough big public areas that it never felt really crowded - mind you were were about 600 - 800 under capacity.


But yes - I couldn’t tell you how many times I walked hundreds of feet in the wrong direction when heading somewhere on the ship. lol. It is 323 meters long.

In San Juan the Harmony of the Seas docked next to us. It was even bigger than the Seaside. At full capacity it can hold 6700 passengers with 2300 crew. Yikes!



The one big ship nearly 4000 that I was on, there were lineups pretty much for everything to include dinners at the various restaurants and you had to make reservations for the theatre shows nightly.

Yes we had to make reservations for shows or if you wanted to do specialty dining - but you could do that on the TV in your room or on the ‘MSC for Me’ app on your cell phone - so it really was quite easy to do.

In fact a couple of times at dinner when some of the other agents mentioned they were going to a certain show later that same evening - I simply booked the same show on my phone while sitting there at our table in the dining room - and an hour later when they scanned my cruise card entering the theatre they would have record of that reservation I had made in the dining room on my phone just an hour earlier.

So they do make it as convenient as possible through the use of technology on some of these newer ships.

I was in San Juan before the hurricane, how is it now I would assume still cleaning up?

Right in the San Juan area most things are open and appear somewhat back to normal looking - but there are still several major hotels that were so badly damaged they have not yet reopened even a year later as they do major renovations as part of their rebuild. So hotels like the iconic Caribe Hilton still aren’t open - many hoping to be open by Christmas.

Same in Ste. Maarten where they got hammered by Irma. Much of it back to normal looking but upon closer inspection you see several wrecks of boats and sailboats along parts of the coast - and some hotels are still under repair like the Sonesta Maho Beach - which is a Canadian favourite. They are aiming for a February re-opening there - but that would mean a ton of work between nw and then based what I saw when I was on Maho Beach.

Some of the stories from the tour guides and cab drivers I chatted with really rivetting as they described what it was like. More than one told me they really thought they were going to die during the storm and then even harder challengess in the weeks following the storm as some went months without water or power at their homes after the storms.

Great topic.
We have done a lot of cruises and some long ones. We have done the Australia to North America twice and South America to Australia last year.
The first was Aus to LA - 32 days on the Sapphire Princess, great ship and great service.
The second time was Aus to Vancouver on the RCI - Rhapsody of the Seas, great cruise too but 21 days and the ship was a good size, not too big. Good food and entertainment.
Last year we flew to Chile and picked up a P&O ship across to Australia - the worst cruise ever, I don’t recommend P&O, terrible food and they cater to a Brit crowd.
Also done the 10 day cruise out of San Juan on Celebrity which was really good.
A few 7 day cruises out of Fort Lauderdale, HAL, Carnival and RCI
Done the mini-cruises out of Tampa, Miami and Fort Lauderdale on Carnival & RCI which I thought were great value.
We gave done two transatlantic cruises - Fort Lauderdale to England on the RCI Jewel of the Seas, a good sized ship.
Haven’t done the mega-ships yet and I don’t think I want to do them.

Yes a good topic indeed for us cruisers.
For the second time, was my most recent and very nice 7 days cruise in July on board the Norwegian Gem.
Out of New York city and right down to Cape Canaveral, then to the Bahamas and back.
Even though it is a somewhat older but refurbished ship, the way I like it’s smaller up to 2300 passengers.
The entertainment on board plus the food was great and even though it was sold out it didn’t feel crowded.
New York city is only an hour flight which we took the first time, but the latest and it was another option for us from Toronto was driving to New Jersey at less than 8 hours.
We stayed across the river in Jersey, at a very nice hotel and the bonus was free parking for a week.
Would highly recommend it, as I expect to go back for a hat trick.

I’ve cruised 3 times. I don’t think I would ever get on one of those (apartment building on it’s side) cruise ships. It’s too big for me and I can’t stop thinking about Ernest Borgnine on the Poseidon Adventure. A lot of people say I don’t look a thing like ole Ernest. ;D

Nah, I like the smaller ships. Last trip our ship was small enough to go through the Corinth Canal. It could go to so many places the bigger ships can’t go and to different ports too.
The first cruise I was on was an old English refitted navy medical ship that ended going back into service in the Falkland War. It was weird seeing it on the news all white. SS Uganda.

One of the advantages of cruising at this time of year - as opposed to being at a resort in Florida or the Caribbean is that the ships can largely avoid the bad part of storms and hurricanes - without your vacation being ruined. They do that by simply changing their route.

Dozens of ships completely changed their itineraries through the last 3 months of last year after the damage to some islands by Irma and Marie. Earlier this year when Florence was threatening Bermuda - some of the Bermuda cruises out of Boston and New York ended up going to Atlantic Canada instead. Might not be what the passengers expected - but at least they were safe and could still enjoy the cruise experience.

I’m sure some of the ships that are normally in the Gulf of Mexico area today have rerouted to avoid Michael - although Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas did get buffeted a bit the other day by the outer bands of Michael - but the ship was able to steer clear of the worst of it.

We went through some pretty big swells last week and you barely felt the movement at times. Sometimes you did feel it and your balance would wobble a little bit - but never too bad.

Here’s a shot I took of the huge Harmony of the Seas as it pulled out of Puerto Rico last week as a thunderstorm rolled in.


I agree that larger ships can handle rough seas better but a small ship can duck into almost any port to wait it out. Yes the bigger ships have more to do but I am not on the ship for entertainment. I guess it comes down to what you prefer. Big cruisers are not for me.
next time i cruise the Med, I want to go on that sailing ship. We saw it last time and it looks beautiful. Back to the time of sailing. I love it.