A very short week before B.C. Lions

Today is Sunday and Wednesday is travel day......is this a killer?.....or can there be an upside to this?

I'm trying to think of a positive and the only one I can come up with is that the Ticats will spend less time stressing over the loss last night and get on with thinking about B.C.

Hopefully we didn't get too many bumps and bruises last night.

Anyone hear if Dickenson is out for a while after he got his bell rung? (again)

BC? This team isn't even ready to play against a high school outfit.

can you say mellow dramatic?

Well I think if we spend the next two days concentrating on eliminating mental errors and keep the game plan to ball posession and long drives featuring a solid running game, we may just tire out the B.C. defense enough to catch them napping in the secondary.

Ball control for extended periods of time will be the key if we want to have a chance. And we have to really watch these horizontal throws against B.C.....They will be sitting in the weeds just waiting.

BC should be be a tough test Mikey.
they don't make many Mistakes
they team of Vets.
We so many rookies
We will make mistakes.

It not going to be pretty ugly for us ..

Short Week. Defending Grey Cup Champs. West coast time zone. 0-4. Let's concentrate on the Winnipeg home-and-home series, there may be some hope there.

This is a killer.

Just ask Calgary who went through this when they got smoked by Toronto.

Two practices and then try to overcome jet lag? Not good.

Our only hope is that Dickenson's and Pierce's injuries will keep them both from playing.

hey mikey, first of all, it really isn't a short week.
they'll watch film today and practice mon-wed, they just don't have a day off right? how is that a very short week? lets put it this way, they could have all the rest you want them to have, you'll probably get the same outcome-going into the lion's den...as for calgary, they played in the same time zone @sask,then
left the night of the game to come to hamilton where they stayed til they played t.o.short rest -yes,excuses-no.
its totally different for a team going west than a team coming east,the cats are up against it this week.
look forward to home and home with the peg.0-4!

                CITY LEGEND
they'll watch film today and practice mon-wed,
the game is on Thursday......wouldn't Wednesday be a travel day?....especially to go that far?

Wednesday will be their travel day so it they will be praticing today . Not much of a chance to get bump or or bruises feeling better .

Any news on when Tay Cody will be back ?

Coach said today on the Tiger-Cat Show that the players will see the film this morning, have the rest of today off and then have only two days of practice....

..I think I recall him saying we came away injury free...

It really wont matter who BC starts at QB.

i did see improvement last night

maybe we have chance?

omfg who am i kidding were DOOMED! :cry:

we dont stand a fu**ing chance against bc in bc

Why do the BC Lions have to play their games 10:30 at night??? I know that people on the Left Coast are a little strange but 10:30 at night and its not a weekend game!!!

You will find 10:30 PM in B.C.
and 10:30 in ON [Ontario]


if you check the box with The Current Time
in British Columbia in the middle of it

click here

Then Click on ON [Ontario]

in the Chart of current times
in 600 places in Canada


What no sense of humour these days???? I was being facetious. It's time for Cat fans to lighten up!!

I say no, any team can be beaten at anytime. Never go in like you are already defeated.