A true test of family over football!

Hi Jare:
Talk about bad planning! My wife and I were married during a Ticat/Ottawa game more years ago than I care to admit on this site.
I tried my darndest to swing the wedding date away from the football date, but eventually, was forced to give in to pressures from both our families.

We had our reception in a local venu and 200 guests came for dinner and dancing.

I couldn't take my eyes of my wrist watch all afternoon in my efforts to figure out what part of the game was being played at any given moment.

I then got the bright idea to slip into the furniture store two doors east of the reception where I watched the entire 2nd half of the game on the only television set that was displaying a picture.
I convinced the owner of this small establishment that if I enjoyed the quality of the broadcast, I would think about making a purchase.

To shorten this long story, the Ticats lost and went on to one of their worst records in club history. My new wife was worried about me when I got back to the reception since I told no one where I was going, but seemingly I wasn't missed by anyone else.

If I had to do this again, I definitely would, thanks to a very understanding wife (who is not a football fan) to this day but remains sympathetic to my love of CFL football.

Sometimes, a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do

Good luck, Jare! :thup:

I also remember during a game a whole wedding party came through on their way to the reception. Probably '94 or '95...
Now THAT is compromise!!!!


Just tape the game so you won't have to watch commercials or halftime.......that's what I do with a lot of sports games I want to watch.

question for you.... TOFAN, which TO are you a fan of?

Terrell Owens?
are you a cat fan in Toronto?
is your last name Tofan? lol

clearly i need to know, and am getting a wee bit bored at half time of the lions game

I'm a fan of the Argos.......and I will be taping today's game.

Does anyone want our tickets for today's game?