A true test of family over football!

Well as alot of you know I became engaged a few weeks ago.

My thoughts...this is going to be a great year. We are dual season ticket holders with the blue Toronto team and the Ticats and I'll be taking in my first Grey Cup.

Then it happens, my soon to be sister-in-law announces the date for her 50th birthday party and yes it is on June 17th. :o

Now, this was after I specifically asked her not to book anything during football games, as we would have to get rid of our tickets. :?

Any other time said sister-in-law would call around and see when is a good day to have it. Not this time, nope, and when does it start, you may ask. 1:00 pm in the afternoon.

Now, I ask you, is this not a test of my devotion to my fiance and her family?

I look to the heavens and say why, why?


P.S.: Anyone who wants my 200 level tickets for the June 17th game at cost, need only to pm me.

Jare, this has got to be a sign from the heavens, man!

Ditch her. Atleast you found out now before you had to give up half! LOL


You have to think quicker on your feet!

Tell her you'd love to come to her 50th birthday party but you refuse to believe she's 50.....in fact tell her she doesn't look a day over 33, wish her Happy Birthday, give her a bear hug and you're gold man!

Good Luck! :wink:

I have to say, this is the only time in 5 years of knowing my soon to be wife that I'm by the short and you know whats.

I love her family, just really disappointed that I need to miss the season opener. Oh well I'll make up for it at the home opener.

See ya there.

Hey Jare...why not invite her to the game and have everybody sign Happy Birthday??? biggest party she would ever see!!! :lol:

I'm sure she would understand....lol. :lol:

Heck...it's our 5th anniversary...party time dear!!! Remember last year...sitting at Philthy's after the game when Sandy said "Gee I don't know what I'm going to have..it's my anniversary dinner"! :o


There is a time for all seasons and this is the SEASON opener. Just because she is hitting autumn doesn't mean YOU should have to give up important prior commitments that she was made aware of. Today, it is but one game, and tomorrow it will be ......... Does the woman not know of priorities in life, especially in this year of budding optimism :>)))

All the best to you in your moment of pain, but make sure you turn on the TV nice and loud, so they know where YOU BELONG :>))

If you can't ditch your tickets give them to her as a Birthday present. She'd take the hint and never have another 50th b-day party on game day :>))))


Repeat after me...
"Happy Birthday. I'm so glad to be here for so many reasons."

Say silently to self, "But there's one big reason I'd rather NOT be here."

Repeat as required on the afternoon of the 17th.

Thats one tough situation to be in JareCanada! Football...or Family....Football...or Family? All I can say is I'm glad I don't have to miss opening weekend of the CFL! :smiley:

Good luck sorting this one out :expressionless:

Let your fiance go to her sister's party alone. Take another girl to the football game. Make sure you appear on the JumboTron. The fact that you missed your future sister-inlaws party will be the least of your worries then!

matelot.... you forgot one disgustingly important part....

the other girl has to be scorchingly hot.

other than that.... i think i've got you beat as far as giving up tickets goes Jare....

gave up platniums for a leafs v habs game.

I missed my uncles funeral 2years ago it was on the same day as the home opener.
He didn't miss me.

Thanks for the ideas everyone, who says Ticats.ca members aren't a community. I'm feeling the support all the way around.

I've pegged out my plan.

They usually eat at these affairs around 4ish. I'm just going to politely grab my plate of food and sit by the patio door near the tv and say don't mind me I'm just watching the game.


That's probably the best plan Jare. "Discretion is the better part of Valour".
Hopefully you will have a few cold ones at least.

Jare - at least I'm getting married during a bye-week... lol

Timing is everything :thup:

Really Jare,

You've got tickets, and you can't find a way to be 'sick' for the party?

Dood.... you're a man, act like one... LIE!


ah man! maybe that’s why i’m still single. lol. i couldn’t miss a game. if i was married my wife would so like divorce my butt.
i’d have to figure somehow to see the game like remember the time fred flintstone had to run back and forth from the drive-in with wilma to the bowling alley for the championship game? that’d be me.

The reality is my wife loves CFL football too, but hey it’s family.

I’m being a suck about the whole thing, I gotta respect the older sisters b-day, as I would want my wife to respect my older bro’s 50th.

I’ve always preached to my students, treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Now it’s time to do what I say…lol

But my brothers would NOT schedule their party on game day!


My daughter came to us Feb 14 and announced her engagement... no surprise, but the surprise was that the wedding was going to be late that fall, not the following year June as expected by all.

I just said, hold that thought... went to the internet and printed the just released CFL sched of the year, handed it to her and showed her what she had to work around...

As it turns out, the place where she wanted the wedding had one Sat eve left open, the night the Cats played BC, starting 10:00 pm EDST. PURE LUCK!!!


Jare, it's only a sister-in-law.....

I got married 10 years ago, when Hamilton was in B-C on a Saturday night. Right after the reception ended, a group of my good friends, wife and I were off to the bar to catch the game.

Hey, she knew she was marrying a die-hard Cat fan!