A trivia challenge maybe

can anyone name the last starting player at another position to also be the number one punter. That means not someone who was just filling in for an injured kicker.

who was he
when did he play
what team

Joe Zuger comes quickly to mind. . . starting QB and punter for the Cats in the mid 60s. . .
And Sonny Wade was the same for the Als in the 70s.
And then there was Wally Buono, starting LB and punter for the Als as well. . .

There was one lesser known from sask around the same time. He was a wide receiver. Cant remember his name or if he played latter than Wade, but I think he did.

You've got me there, FYB, I can't think of who that would have been. . .

FootbalYouBet; Perhaps that player could be Alan Ford? He was known as Mr.Versatility.

I was going to say Grant Shaw from The Argos, but he was moved over to DB from Kicker, so that doesn't really count.

if I could find an all time list of sask receivers, I would be able to pick him out.

seems to me that some long time rider fan should know this. I think his first name might have been mike, but thats a shot in the dark.

And, like, we have such a dearth of Rider fans posting on here . . .

sure seems like there are twice as much rider fans as the rest of us put together :wink:

That may be so FYB. . . but so what? When Mrs MadJack and I visit Vancouver in November 2011 for the Grey Cup, we'll be looking forward to meeting you and not necessarily more Rider fans. . .

the so is that I was hoping one of you could refresh my memory for me. So frustrating not to be able to remember a player that I liked, even if he wasnt a great.

I would be tempted to call the riders org to inquire, but I wouldnt be surprised if whatever young squirt I ended up talking to didnt have a clue. You would think they would keep records, but ya never know.

If you have some details, couldn't you try a Google search? Might turn up something...

here's a good trivia Question..

name the only player to Win a Grey Cup with Both Edmonton and Saskatchewan?

Have you tried looking at http://www.cflapedia.com/? You can at least limit it to Saskatchewan, and then maybe do a Find on the page by position or first name - whatever you happen to know.

again.. I ask.. who can tell me who is the only player who has won a Grey Cup with both the Eskimos and the Roughriders?


Does Hugh Campbell count?

Tim Fleiszer played for Edmonton in 2005, and Saskatchewan in 2007. He was also with Hamilton in 1999, and Montreal in 2002. Four Grey Cups with four different teams.

no. has to be a player not a manager/ coach


then make that 2 players not 1... :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: