A tribute to Danny Machoocha


I Don't know who made this, but the look on his face is priceless.

LOL thats awsome!

....oh Danny Boy....you surely looked dazed and confused....but then Milt can do that to people...great clip...priceless for sure... his expression should make play of the week.. :lol:

.....you can pinpoint the exact time Milt caught pass and broke free....

He should be fired together with Hughies DC son, for the bonehead last play and not positioning the D properly.

tickets to the game…$120.00
beer and dogs…$100.00
horn and hat… $80.00

the look on Dannys face…priceless

That was one of the greatest posts ever. The music was perfect

I don't laugh out loud for much on a message board........But.....that was FUNNY!!!!

I just came back to watch it again LOL

You spent $100 on beer and hot dogs? how much do you eat? even if you pay $5 per dog and $8 per beer thats more 7 of each of those. That is so gross ireally hope you were treating another couple of people when yo ugive those numbers

its like a deja vu.. :lol: the same thing happen when that field goal was blocked by Reggie hunt last year here in Regina :cowboy:

That facial expression truly is pricesless.


You could truly see the emotion drain out of his face and his sudden reasasion that his job was in jeopardy!


that was sweet, i was at that game last yr when that field goal was block the hand shake the pain of losing again hey danny

your kidding right.....master card......


got nuthin else to say....LMAO :lol: