A tribute to Carl Kidd...

Thanks Carl for many great years in a Lions uniform. You were the heart and soul of our team for so many years and brought a certain swagger to the Lions organization that can't be taught.

I will never forget when you brought out the huge BC Lions flag out of the tunnel for last year's Western Final against Saskatchewan. It gave me goosebumps and pumped me up like crazy.

Thanks Carl for all you've done for BC and the Lions organization.

Carl had a good career in the CFL and he was good for the CFL. Enjoy retirement, to one of the Lions all time greats.

One wonders if he retired because on one else in the league wanted him, his salary was too high for most under the new SMS.

ya think?

I have a feeling he'll be back and take a reduction in salary to play somewhere, just what I think.

Nope , he already had a retirement announcement with the Lions . This way he retires on a high note as a GC Champ.

Ok, good for him then penn. He was an excellent player and we'll miss him in the league, a character I must say.

i am not a Lions Fan but my fav. memory was the begining of the grey cup were he got right into montreals face and started trash talking that was the best

Probably all of the above!

Carl will retire a BC Lion.