a Totally unbiased breakdown team by team..

ok so yes many of you know that I have a personal dislike for the Eskimos and I wish to see them suffer and not win at all, etc.

but I wanted to show everyone that I am indeed capable of doing a breakdown/diagnosis of each team without any biased opinion... so here it goes!

in Alphabetical order:

B.C. Lions

The B.C. Lions were a team that obviously were rebuilding in some areas but also wanted to attempt to immediately excel at key positions, ie QB, RB.

so they stuck with Casey Printers who they believed would be able to guide this team to a successful season and of course picked up Jamal Robertson from the Argonauts.

What ended up happening was that the Lions could not maintain consistency on their offensive schemes and had numerous Quarterbacking problems with Printers and Lulay at the start of the year. Lulay did start to get better and for the most part has turned into a decent QB with tonnes of potential. He has shown many instances of brilliance yet has to learn to be a little more composed at times and not give up risky plays. Printers of course was let go because he just couldn't hack it and also blew up at a teammate. Robertson has really been a good find for the Lions and has helped the offense win 7 games this season so far. I think that if Buono doesn't give up his coaching job that Lulay will be the starter next year for the Lions and they could definitely be a contender in 2011.

The Defense was (except for a game vs the Eskimos) very good vs the Pass. Phillips of course has been dynamite in the secondary, kept them in games most of the time this season.

Calgary Stampeders

the Stampeders for the vast majority of the 2010 season have been the best team in the CFL. even when they had that losing streak that started vs the Riders they have still been incredibly difficult to knock off. Only a couple games this season have the Stamps looked unlike themselves, vs Montreal and vs B.C.

Burris has been very good and very effective in leading this team to a First place finish, with the help of Reynolds and Cornish in the backfield and Rambo, Lewis in the receiving core, the Stampeders have put up very impressive #'s in quite a few games, including 2 50+ point games vs the Edmonton Eskimos and another vs the Ti-Cats. It's been very difficult to stop the Stampeders unless they stopped themselves or Burris would have a sleeper game.

The defense has been much improved over the 2009 season with Chris Jones' set up they have been very impressive.. Their only weakness has been the big play deep but that's if you can get your Quarterback the time to throw it!

Edmonton Eskimos

The Eskimos when this season started had a lot of hope and expectations, with the Grey Cup in their house! But the season started off pretty sad, going 0-4 to begin and their offense looking sub par. Stamps and Campbell with some big drops that could have been the difference between going 1-1 or 0-2 vs the Alouettes. The Esks at first tried to do some unusual offensive schemes, throwing in Zabransky with a funny looking offense but soon scrapped that as it failed to get them very far.

They had some injury problems earlier in the season with Peterson and Stamps going down with injuries, Campbell on the limp and a number of defenders on the injury list, things did look bleak. the Esks were 2-9 at one point, and looked dead in the water! But when they took a trip to Moncton, N.B. things did turn around for them as they took on an Argonauts team that just couldn't battle with a weakened and inexperienced Offense. The game may not have been the best played game by either team but the motivation that was created by the Eskimos really made the difference and it started them off onto a 5 wins in 6 games run and now have the ability to get into the playoffs with a win in their final game.

The Eskimos have many promising players that in 2011 could make them contenders. they have 2 running backs in Porter and Whitlock that could easily be an effective 1-2 punch for a run game.. while Ray if he has the protection can pick apart a defense with his quick passes and effective patterns by the receivers. The Eskimos I'm sure will make a lot of changes in the off season, acquiring Improved Canadian talent and also wanting to get younger and look at bringing in some excellent F.A. for 2011. Eric Tillman who is the new GM after they fired Maciocia has a lot of work ahead of him but he seems to have already made a big difference in the 2nd half of the 2010 season. The Defense will likely change somewhat next year but they will definitely be better with new acquisitions.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Things at the start looked bad as they began 2010 at 1-4. But there wasn't any panic in this team. with veterans like Kevin Glenn, Dave Stala, Bruce, Mann on the Offense, with Cobb as their Running back.. things would soon pick up and they would again start to win important games!

they've always had a very good defense, Markeith Knowlton who is a potential Defensive MOP for 2010 has lead this team's defense and they made their presence known vs many a good team, they have a 9-8 record, good enough for a 2nd place finish for the 2nd straight season.

Montreal Alouettes

Well, the Alouettes are as they have been almost every year since they came back to Montreal a contender for a Grey Cup showdown.

Numerous First places finishes, many appearances in the Grey Cup game and many veteran players gives this team an automatic contention. Calvillo at 37 has been just as good this year as he has been in many seasons previous.. even when he went down for a few games with a serious injury the Als did find a way to win and stay atop of their division. Cahoon of course is always a threat, but they found some new targets to hit in SJ Green, Kerry Watson their reliable Jamal Richardson.

the Als defense is extremely tough to beat! they have an excellent secondary, and a powerful front seven, led by Chip Cox who could likely win a Defensive MOP for 2010. And the odds are that the Als will be in Edmonton come November 28th again for the 3rd straight season.

Saskatchewan Roughriders

there were a lot of unknowns for the Riders throughout the off season. their defense had been torn apart by departures of Defensive MOP John Chick, Stevie Baggs and Reynauld Williams. Plus they had lost Stephen Jyles, their #2 QB to Winnipeg.

nobody was exactly sure where the Riders would end up but they were very aware that their offense with the "Canadian Air Force" would always be a threat. Durant was coming off his first full season as the Starter and the fans and team had high hopes for this player. They did get off to a surprising start, defeating the Alouettes in the first game of the year in OT in one of the highest scoring games of the season and got off to a very good start! Durant was flying high and so was the team.. and then the wall came around and reality hit. The Offense began to struggle, Darian was throwing INT's but not getting anymore TD's. Sure they did get to 9-4 and was a big contender for first place, but people knew that something was amiss.

the Special teams was not exactly anything special. they couldn't get decent returns, even with new-comer Dominic Dorsey! It seemed like nothing would get better when it came to returning kicks. Dorsey's worst game was their humbling defeat to the Bombers 31-2 where Dorsey seemed like he had forgotten his hands in the dressing room. It would be his last for the season as he was put on the 9 game injury list.

The Riders defense also began to show signs of issues, as they could not stop the run! every team was running the ball at will almost and it would be the beginning of a 4 game losing streak.. but it didn't help that the Offense wasn't able to convert TD's. Losing Bagg and their kicker Congi didn't exactly help either.

Now the Riders who have a home playoff game, will have to find themselves again if they have any hopes of getting to the Grey Cup in 2010.. although I seriously doubt that they will as their drive has been lost and their lack of quality coaching is killing them game after game.

Toronto Argonauts

Nobody saw it coming! I'm sure many of us figured the Argos would be a bad team again in 2010.. afterall, they had a no name starting QB and they had made a lot of changes over the off season, releasing many veterans. But they surprised us all! Cleo Lemon has for the most part been very good for a first year QB.. not exactly a typical rookie. but the big and happy surprise for the Argos has been their Running back Cory Boyd! this guy has really turned some heads in 2010, with an impressing 1359 rushing yards in the 15 games he has played so far. definitely is a contender for the 2010 MOP award. He has been able to single handedly get wins for this team when they needed them! Chad Owens, another pick up for 2010 has also been extremely impressive as their returner! he has amassed more return yards than any other returner for the season and will most likely win the Special teams player award. But with all the good, the Argo's do have some work to do if they hope to improve on their record for 2011. but experience is always important and Barker has made this team a playoff contender in just 1 year and doubled their win total from the previous two seasons, he has an excellent shot at winning the Coach of the year.

Their special teams has also been very good this year, run by former player Mike O'Shea. he has made a lot of brave moves and pulled off some totally creative plays that have given this team extra chances and easily a few wins or two.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

this team had so much potential in 2010 but ended up being a disappointment. Yes they did lose a lot of very close games this year, 8 in fact. They look a lot better on the field than their record indicates.

they have the leading receiver, leading rusher and the leader in sacks as well.. but they just had the worst luck all season.
Losing 3 QB's doesn't exactly help your situation either, yet they still almost won their last game with a 4th string QB.

the defense is actually very good! one of the better defenses in the league all season! but you can't rely on your defense to score TD's when they need them and they do eventually tire out. There's a lot of people saying that in 2011 the Bombers could be a very good team! they have a lot of talent and a lot of desire to win, just need some time to gel and there could be a tight race in 2011 in the Eastern conference.

The Playoffs:

Well, although the West hasn't exactly been decided yet.. with the way that a few teams are playing these days, the odds favour a Eskimos vs Riders Western Semi-Final, and of course an Argonauts vs Tiger-Cats Eastern Semi-Final.

I honestly don't see either teams being able to knock off the first place teams in either Conference and I do think we will see a Calgary vs Montreal Grey Cup in 2010.

Calgary winning it.

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You know what, that was a a pretty good analysis.

Ham Cal in the Cup, Ham taking it.

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yeah, I agree with mpdid. that was solid.

Well cflisthebest, you said you may be biased against the Eskimos, but after reading what you wrote for each team, I thought you played it fairly and reasonably and I felt there was no bias whatsoever. Thank you for a breakdown of each team and their season so far. I know you're a fan first, but you have to give credit to the top teams and top players in the league, even when they are not on your team. Also isn't that one of the reasons why you go to the games or watch them on television, to see the top players in the league perform up to their ability, and then secretly wish that you had the same ability as they possess. It's all part of being a fan, but thank you for the fair and unbiased breakdown of each team so far in 2010 in the CFL.

Alright, who are you, and what have you done with cflisthebest? :wink:

I have to admit that’s one of the best assessments of the teams I’ve seen on these forums in a long time. Thanks for the insights.


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