A TOTAL team effort!

Congrats to the Lions on an excellent win against Calgary [34-8]. Good to see Gore back in action and it was good to see Foster's height utilized. Harris is proving himself to be a star and player and a sensational one at that!

McCallum was the McCallum of "old" and was right on the money. Glad to see Bruce used a whole lot more. The Lions had the Stamper's number without a doubt. Very few dumb penalties, no fumbles, no interceptions and a great total yards of offence engineered by Lulay. Every player deserves credit for ratcheting up their game today. And they won in convincing fashion against a team that has been the highest scoring team in the CFL to date. The icing on the cake was added with the come from behind wins engineered by Winnipeg and Hamilton. Those games were sweet to watch. Keep it up Lions!

Yep the Lions played like the last year Lions. John CORNISH had 6 carries for -1 yards. Its clear that Andrew Harris is the best running back in the CFL. Cornish was considered top canadian back but he is soft and he is showing that this season--

Harris is so smooth and good--

The D line played like they can and dominated the game. Mitchell and Taylor were unstoppable and the linebackers cleaned everything up and played a really good game--

Bruce was used more for sure and so was FOSTER- Foster is a guy who can make a DB look small, meaning he is so big and tall that the db looks like a little kid out there- His TD was an example of this where he was running and the DB was also tall but looked like he had no chance vs the LONG STRIDE of FOSTER-- I am not sure why they dont throw the really deep ball to FOSTER, once he is in full stride, i dont think any db in this leauge can keep up with him on the long ball, last season we threw deep to him and he would always be wide open---

Lulay played composed and better with his throws--

One problem I still think the team has is its PHYSICALITY in the secondary-- Muamba doesenet seem like he can hit anyone, we know that PHILLIPS cant tackle well,-- You see all kinds of receivers breaking tackles in our secondary- of course when our pass rush is on then it doesent matter cause no one is catching anything in space----

The secondary must improve and the tackling must be better--

We have the most deepest receiving core in the leauge, but we need to USE BRUCE and FOSTER MORE as i posted in my other thread-- SIMON is a good 3rd option at this stage, BRUCE and FOSTER have the best hands on the team and are guys that are former basketball players who can catch the tough END ZONE TOUChdoWNS--
No offense to SIMON but he is not a #1 option- The corner he ran early in the game was a perfect example- He actually ran a great route and LULAY threw a good corner but the DB caught up to SIMON easily to disrupt the pattern-- ANother thing i NOTICE is that SIMON has no BURST to the ball, meaning he cant turn the JETS on to reach deep balls, he gives up right away If the ball is not within his arms reach---

With Harris at running back we are very tough to stop- The games we lost IMO were because LULAY was too busy throwing to SIMON who is not a #1 receiver- I looked at the tape from the Edmonton game, he gets very little separation anymore, and he DROPPED that pass from LULAY which was intercepted-- THE BALL hit him right on his hands, but he got HIT and his helmet got torn off his head and he looked SOFT-- Im sorry but you have to make that catch----

Last game we used FOSTER way more and BRUCE, and also Harris more as a pass catcher----

I am thinking the SWING PASS TO HARRIS is a good option-- He can beat most defenders and can run right over people--

Good job LIons keep it up--- Full credit for the win as it was DOMINATIOn

I want to see this JOSH BELL guy get back in the secondary-- I also think that MUAMBA can be replaced--

WIth Muamba you never ever hear his name-- That could be a good THING or a BAD THING--

It could be good in that he is not being picked on, but also I never see him making a deflection or a interception, but also no one really throws deep on the LIons, so that may be a part of it--

Im not really sure if MUAMBA Is really good , average or bad? One thing I notice is he is usually in the middle of the field and he usually misses the tackle, receivers seem to bounce right off him--


Good theme Beag. Here's a few numbers from last Saturday's convincing win over the Stamps:

In the second half Lulay was 18-19, two TDs, completed his last 13, no picks, no fumbles and a QB rating of 158.3, which is nothing less than perfect. Harris had over 180 rush/pass yards and two TDs. Gore, Simon, Bruce, Harris, Lumbala, Foster, Moore, all the play makers got touches and contributed. We had 28 first downs to their 14 and had twice the offensive production.

Our ends got up field and our tackles got good pocket push. Cornish was held to -1 yards in six carries and was so flummoxed after the game he ripped his team in the media...dumb. Linebackers scraped well and covered well; Bighilll got a nice pick and Mackenzie rebounded after getting nicked early. All game long our DBs were making stops, were in great position and over and over got two and outs. All we gave up were a couple three pointers and a safety.

MacCallum was perfect, really rebounded well from last's week's sub par performance. Kudos to Don Sweet for helping him.
Tim Brown wasn't outstanding but was steady and didn't turn it over. Our long snapping was perfect all game.

In other words, we shredded them! Perhaps for the first time this season we had all three phases working at very high efficiency. And from a fan point of view, it doesn't get much better than that second half.

There are still some things we can improve on. We can tackle better and return better and block better on special, teams. The first tackler on D and the teams needs to at least get at least a piece of the ball carrier to help the pursuit get there as fast as possible. On one play Muamba had a shot and didn't take it, not sure why. And we can always work harder and stop the cheap hits and dumb penalties. Reddick may hear from the Commish after that cheap shot on Kevin Glenn. Lulay missed a couple throws in the first half that could have put it out of reach early.

Next week we have the league leader in rushing, Cory Boyd, to stop so another stern test for our defenders. Boyd and Chad Owens provide most of their offence, so they'll get plenty of attention during the week. Ricky Ray seems to save his best runs for us, so we need to spy him, especially on second down.

Go Leos.

Dooger out. :cowboy: