A topic to pass away the time in the offseason

Okay all here's something to speculate on during the looooong offseason.

Presume that you are the player personnel director for a CFL expansion team. The existing 9 teams can only protect ONE quarterback...and you can select three from all the backups, but cannot select more than one from a particular team. So here are the available QBs for you to select:

BC: Buck Pierce and Jarious Jackson

EDM: Jason Johnson and Danny McManus

CAL: Jason Gesser, Danny Wimprine, Joshua Harris

SASK: Rocky Butler and either Crandell or Greene

WPG: Russ Michna, Tee Martin, and Spergeon Wynn

HAM: Kevin Eakin, Marcus Brady

TOR: Micheal Bishop, Peterson

OTT: Brad Banks, Darnell Kennedy

MTL: Ted White, Ell Roberson

For my choices, I think I'd select (in no particular order), Joshua Harris from Calgary, Marcus Brady from Hamilton, and Rocky Butler from Saskatchewan. They would fight it out my training camp for the backup role to Stanely Jackson!

And, if I was the owner of the expansion team, and my personnel director drafted Ted White, Tee Martin, and Michael Bishop, I'd be looking for a new personnel director rather quickly!

Hmmmm Mad Jack........wow that would be a great name for a pirate.......insert "booty" joke here............okay back to your question.....Marcus Brady.....Buck Pierce.....and Danny MacManus..........Danny Mac would be a steading influcence on your younger QB's and fairly steady for a year oh so.........then you could boot him upstairs as OC

Id go with 3 young guys and let them battle it out in training camp and exhibition for each of hte three spots. My guys would be Pierce, Michna, and Eakin I saw quite a bit of potential from all of these guys last year and I think they can become future stars. Id hten hire a retired QB, a very good one, (Dunigan maybe) as either an OC or QB and Receivers coach to help the young guys adjust to their new roles

Mada I like your approach, but not sure I agree with your choices. Pierce looked to me like he might not be too bad, but I'm really not sure he's eventual starter material....more likely I think he'll end up as a career backup (a good backup I grant you, but a backup nevertheless). Michna did not impress me, and Eakin reminded me of a deer in the headlights. On my list I went with just a tad more experience (Butler and Brady) and one guy I think has a huge upside (Harris...he really impressed me the one game he played in). On an expansion team you have to reckon with an offensive line that willl be a work in progress, so a little more experience might be handy.

first i would take greene or crandell to be my starter.i would take either one of those guys just because they both have lots of experiance starting in the cfl.then i would take pierce and wynn to battle for 2nd string and eventually
one of those two would be my starter then i would trade/release crandell or greene.

Pierce, Wynn & Gesser......the rest are bums.....

...from what I saw last year...Pierce,Michna....Crandell....didn't see much of Wynns play last year ...or I probably would have him on the list instead of Crandell.... :!:

depends on how many O-linmen you can protect................you should be able as an expansion team..............I don't really remember what the deal was with Ottawa...........but you should be able to get a pretty good starting O-line and that would go along way to helping your young QB's out

danny mac....spergeon wynn, and buck pierce.

then next season, when danny mac retires, u got wynn and pierce...pretty good.

Pierce, Wynn & Gesser......the rest are bums.....
These are the three that I would have to pick as well.....

Wynn, Pierce, Johnson

Wynn, Pierce and Eakin


Wynn, Pierce, & Eakin

I would pick Danny Mac first, he'll make a great playing Qb coach...
The old guy could come off the bench and make a defense look sick, if he has a decent line to block for him
Wynn is in..quick feet, and he actually has a pretty good arm also...
Of course Bucky, he should be named the starting QB for the Lions...

Well teh results so far are as follows:

Pierce 12

Wynn 8

Brady 3
McManus 3
Eakin 3
Crandell 3

Michna 2
Gesser 2

Butler 1
Harris 1
Johnson 1

I agree with you Piggy.... Tally my vote same as Piggy

With respect to McManus...Not a bum..should retire and work for CBC in the booth as a colour man

I agree

sounds about right to me too.