A Tim Hortons Field fix

Since it has been 23 days since we were last there, and incredibly it is yet another 21 days before we gather there again - with a ridiculous 44 days between home games - I thought this picture I took at sunset tonight when cycling by the stadium might be good to post here to give some of you a Tim Hortons Field fix while waiting, and waiting and waiting for our next home game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe by then the concessions will be fixed!

(Yes I'm still bitter... lol)

Nice pic

Thanks Pat. It's a wonderful picture. :thup:

It's sucked, but as Jim Tatti has mentioned, I think this road trip has been good for the team and very favourably scheduled. Gives us a good shot at winning in Winnipeg and BC which will put us in great shape for the stretch after Labour Day when we'll be mostly at home

Excellent pic! Thanks for this :thup:

Great picture, Pat.

I saved it to use as a background image for my computer.

Thank you.

It almost feels like it was last season that we were there! And to think that it is another 3 weeks until the next home game. Makes it hard to feel a part of the excitement of the season when you can only watch on TV.

Looking forward to August 20th.

Has anyone else heard the rumour that the reason for the large gap between dates is that the Ticats had planned a large concert during the break?

I have heard the team was trying to get Pearl Jam to play.

Has anyone else heard anything like this?

No, but if you ask Donald Trump he would say he heard someone mention that (at 2:03 PM) today. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Think it has more to do with Summer heat witch is also why the games are all at night until Oct

But it gets hot in every other CFL city too. Why only Hamilton with 44 summer days with no game. Last night would have been absolutely 'picture perfect' (as my picture illustrates) for a game.

Thanks for the fix Pat! Looks great :thup:

Maybe the Ticats were going to use this time to prepare for a huge pregame cerimony to announce they were hosting the 2017 Grey Cup. What? The CFL continues to ignore Hamilton and Ottawa is getting the game. I'm shocked.

Did the Ticats and the city put a bid in?

I was attempting to be sarcastic. Having this long of a stretch with no home games and the Ottawa GC announcement has left me edgy. Need a football fix.

While this doesn't completely excuse the huge gap we have this year, the truth is that on hot August days that happen to have high humidity, it is worse than typical summer weather in other CFL cities. We don't always have bad luck on game days, but there were some oppressively humid August games at Ivor Wynne over the years. We had at least one game last year that was pretty bad, though I don't recall the date. I don't know if Toronto is any better off, but until this year, they at least had the option of retreating under a climate-controlled dome on particularly bad days if it was needed.

yea and I don't understand how Ottawa had 1 home game in the first 5 games but now has 4 home games in a row plus a bye that is no away games between 22 July and 1 September. The Als fans are complaining that after Sept 1st they don't have a home game until October 2nd.
It's not just the Ticats with a strange schedule this year with long breaks between games.

As William Shatner would say on his TV show Weird or What? It's the only way to explain the CFL Schedule for the Cats
and a few other teams this year.

I could see it if we had something big on back home in Hamilton like last year with the Pan Am Games but nothing for so many game on the road??

Great picture Pat, it sure tells the story of the home field and the empty seats and fans missing their team!!

See everyone next home game on Saturday August 20th against the Ruff Riders.

Lets beat BC this weekend!!


Speaking of getting a THF fix...

I'm pretty sure that in the "We all play for Canada" commercials on for the Olympics, it's our dear old THF in the background as the stadium for the podium shot at the end of the video.


Great photo...
Thanks a ton for it..brightened the day.