-A TigerTown Player Discussion-

I just though it would be cool if we had a general discussion thread about the most important part of the Ti-Cats… the players.

For example each day a member(we can take turns) could post a player’s bio and he can be the player topic of the day.

I think this would provide something new and interesting to post about. At the same time it will help us get to know our players a bit better and hopefully make us fans even more excited about the start of the new season.


Acquired: Signed as a free agent on September 6, 2007

I thought I would start off with a player that everyone will know but we can still discuss/provide different known or unknown facts about Casey.

So maybe I can start it off with a question…

How well do you think Casey will play this season given he has had time to heal and have a full training camp as our #1 guy?

EDIT: Just thought the picture of the Bio would be a better looking touch.

With a decent playbook and some good receivers, I think Printers can definately make the impact we've been looking for at QB

I agree, and combined that with the fact that defensive secondaries now have to respect the accurate deep ball he throws, that will open things up for Frank Murphy and Chris Bauman underneath. And that means Casey has more margin for error on his short throws because the defenders won't be cheating in.

On a personal note, I got to meet Casey during last year's Grey Cup festivities in Toronto and he is a big boy that exudes the confidence that you want in a franchise quarterback. While some say he can be cocky, I wouldn't want the face of the franchise to be any other way. He is well spoken, confident, and marketable, not to mention incredibly athletic. I am very happy he is a Tiger-Cat.

Let the good times roll, and roll out on occasion.

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Thats good to here paully, I have always liked Casey from watching how he can take control of any game at any time. He is definitely a game breaker, I think if he is healthy we are going to be in for a good offensive year. The only problem is weather or not our defense can stop just one less point :stuck_out_tongue: and we can win.

I still don't know if we have the WR to help Mr Printers.

That worries me :oops:

yea i still dont no if we have the right WR Corps to be an offensive threat.

I think we have a good foundation of receivers for Casey to throw the ball to. We really wont know what we have until training camp, but we have a really interesting prospect in Prechae Rodriguez. Any receiver that is 6'5" is going to present a big mismatch against the DBs in this league who are on average 5'10"-6'0".

We could have the twin tower slotbacks in Bauman and Rodriguez that would be a nightmare for defenses to defend against.

GR Bonds88:
Great idea for a thread....looking forward to reading it over the next few weeks.

Thanks I thought it would be a cool thing to do leading up to the 2008 season. Now we just need some more members to participate :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe someone can pick the next player we can discuss and I will posted it like I did with Printers for tomorrow.

I do think that the receiving corps will be better than last year barring injuries. That being said, it may require a waiver wire pickup from across the league to get the fans more energized. Training camps usually see a vet released from other teams that is definitely addable. We shall see.

For me, the wild card will be if and when Samuel Giguere comes back north. If he is released and can be a quick study, the kid has the physicality to be a big-play player here. Even as a rookie, he could be a spark to our offense as we enter the fall.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think Bauman will surprise a lot of people. It usually takes a year or two of incubation for non-import receiving talent to shine. One thing that will help is a full camp with Casey and co. He will have QBs in Printers and Williams who can chuck the rock in a hurry. If he can get his route running and timing down with our pivots, he has all the physical tools to develop as a solid slotback in this league.

Oski Wee Wee,

If we can get a proven veteran receiver via training camp cuts that would be good for us but if not I think guys like Miles, Armstead, Bauman, and Murphy will all step up and have a pretty good season together.

If Giguere makes his way to Hamilton this season he could be our game breaker. I would really like to see him sign a multi-year contract, so we wont have to worry about NFL teams until his contract is up like Lumsden did after his second time being cut.

I hope Casey and some the recievers come up a little early to Soccer World to get in a little pre-camp practice. There's more speed and size this year at the reciever spot and a mobile, strong-armed QB, something this team hasn't had in years. Shore up the tackle spots and this year's offence should be able to score more TD's than always settling for fieldgoals.

Casey's health will be crucial.

His receiver's ability to catch this year will be even more so.

Let's hope for both.

There are 3 keys to a good O this year. Printers, Miles and whoever the next best WR/SB ends up being out of camp staying heathy..

I know I didn't say Lumsden but Caulley is good enough in a pass dominant league.

I have a Feeling Caulley is in For a Fight for Job.
I see the Ticats Playing an all Canadian Running Backs.

Percy as The Full Back
At HB Lumsden Willams Giffin

Williams or Giffin won't be good enough to replace Lumsden if he goes down. Caulley is..

Acquired: Traded from the B.C. Lions along with the rights to non-import kicker Ara Tchobanian in exchange for the Ticats second round (9th overall) selection in the 2008 CFL Canadian Draft.

Alright the new player will be Markeith Knowlton or MK-25 for short :lol:


  • Could Markeith be the solid building block we have been looking for to build our secondary around?

  • Will he fill the vacancy that Cody or Anderson left?

  • How well will Knowlton fit into our secondary?

My guess is that he will be played at WILL LB