A Tiger-Cat never, ever gives up!

This short video should be an inspiration to all Ti-Cat fans out there.....

In fact an inspiration to all of us! Enjoy.

[url=http://ca.shine.yahoo.com/video/cat-travels-190-miles-home-231801163.html]http://ca.shine.yahoo.com/video/cat-tra ... 01163.html[/url]

Sing this cat up! :rockin:

The Ti-Cat new mascot for 2013?

Ticats sure have dealt with alot of crap over a long distance, so maybe now we've finally made it home :lol:
They should play this clip at a few home games this year.

I once rode in a plane after a Grey Cup game next to a drunk Ti-Cat fan. I truly wished that he would give up! Every 15 minutes or so he would shout that moronic chant they do. :cowboy: (just kidding about the oskee wee wee thing being moronic)

Very good 15_Championships :thup:

I rode the train home from this year's GC with a bunch of Argos fans. Is it just me or does their chant sound more like an insult? Like I should be pointing at them and yelling "ARRRGGOOOOSS!" :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree

Great story and video there beagle, thanks! :thup:

Thanks Earl. Glad you enjoyed it. :thup: